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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Odin Brown

Odin Brown is the 3rd Great Grandfather of my wife.

Odin's parents are believed to be Seabury Brown and Polly Fox, but I have not been able to find any paper proof of this lineage.

Odin was born in New York state on 7 March 1816.  At some point before 1840 Odin marries a Sally Stevens.  Other researchers have listed Sally's maiden name as Leonard.  I have only found one record that list's the surname of Sally and that is the death certificate of the youngest son, Perry Brown, and it lists her maiden name as Stevens.  Looking at old census records for the assumed father of Odin, Seabury, I can find a family with the surname Leonard in close proximity, so it is possible for Leonard to be Sally's surname.

There is a record for an Odin Brown for the 1840 Federal Census.  This Odin is found in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio.  This family consists of one male under the age of 5, one male age 20 to 29 (Odin), one female under the age of 5, and one female age 20 to 29.

The next record found for Odin finds him in Bonus, Boone County, Illinois.  This record indicates his two oldest children, ages 13 and 11, were born in the state of New York.  His next oldest child, Morton, age 8, was born in Michigan.  From this we know that the Brown family lived for a time in the state of Michigan, around the year 1842.  The next two children, Caroline, age 6 and Frederick, age 4, were born back in the state of New York.  The youngest two children, Sophia, age 2, and Ellen, age 6 months, were born in Illinois.  This was a very busy decade for the Brown family as it would have found them in New York, Ohio, Michigan, back to New York, and then finally in Illinois.  In 1850 Odin is a farmer and a landowner.  The value of his land is listed at $400.

The Federal Census of 1860 finds the family living in Boone, Boone County, Illinois.  The family is still intact.  The value of Odin's property has increased to $3500 and his personal belongings are valued at $600.  Odin is still farming.  This coming decade of the 1860's will be a hard one on the Brown family.

Between the years of 1860 and 1870 the Brown family changes drastically.  Several children die including Ellen, Alvah, George, and Rosalinda.  It is apparent that a sickness of some kinds devastated the family.  Odin's wife, Sally, also passes away.  In 1864 Odin joins the Civil War as a hospital steward.  See picture below.

Odin serves for 100 days.  In 1869 Odin remarries to Helen (Nellie) Chamberlain.

Odin is living in Boone, Boone County, Illinois in the 1870 Federal Census.  He only has two sons living with him at this time with his 2nd wife, Helen.  His profession is now listed as a shoemaker.  His real estate is valued at $1000 and personal property is valued at $3000.

Odin is next found in the 1880 Federal Census living in Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska.  His 2nd wife Helen and two new children are living with him.  Both children were born in Nebraska, the eldest being 3 years old, so the family has been in Nebraska for at least 3 years.  Also living with them is Helen's brother, Novis Chamberlain.  Odin's profession is farming.

The next census for Odin is the 1885 Nebraska State Census.  They are still residing in Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska and Odin is still farming.

Odin passes away around the year 1899 in Sterling, Johnson County, Illinois.  He appears to be buried in the Sterling Cemetery.  I say that because there is also an entry for Odin in a Boone County, Illinois cemetery.

Here is the headstone picture from the Sterling Cemetery (a headstone cannot be found in Boone County, even though he is listed there by someone on FindAGrave):

Odin Brown and Sally Stevens (possibly Leonard) had the following children:

1. Hubbel Dilson Brown - born in August of 1837 in New York, death unknown.  Marries Mary Louisa Jackson.
2. Cecil M Brown (female) - born about 1839 in New York, death unknown.  Marries Tobias Stevenson.
3. Morton Brown - born 8 February 1842 in Michigan, dies 5 March 1909 in Russellville, Boone County, Illinois.  Marries Helen Smith.
4. Caroline Brown - born about 1844 in New York, death unknown. Marriage unknown.
5. Frederick Brown - born about 1846 in New York, death unknown.  Marriage unknown.
6. Sophia Brown - born 29 March 1848 in Illinois, dies 22 June 1901 in Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming.  Marries (1st) Silas Durkee, (2nd) Albert Frederick Hoge.
7. Ellen Brown - born about 1850 in Illinois, death unknown. Marriage unknown.
8. Alvah Brown - born about 1852 in Illinois, dies 22 October 1860 in Russellville, Boone County, Illinois.
9. Rosalinda Brown - born about 1854 in Illinois, dies 2 November 1861 in Russellville, Boone County, Illinois.
10. Seabury Strong Brown - born 3 October 1857 in Illinois, dies 12 April 1932 in Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon.  Marries Stella Richardson.
11. Perry Fox Brown - born October 1861 in Boone County, Illinois, dies 19 April 1936 in Meyers Falls, Stevens County, Washington.  Marries Mary Viola Richardson.
12. George Brown - born about 1864 in Boone County, Illinois and dies about 1865 in Boone County, Illinois.

Odin Brown and Helen Chamberlain had the following children:
1. Daisy Brown - born 2 August 1873 in Capron, Boone County, Illinois, dies 28 March 1875 in Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska.
2. Harry Burton Brown - born 21 August 1875 in Nebraska. Died 23 Novemer 1955 in Wyoming. Marries (1st) Myrtle Conn.  Marries (2nd) Minnie Rose (last name unknown).
3. Arthur Chamberlain Brown - born 21 April 1877 in Nebraska, death unknown. Marries Lucy Pisel.
4. Barton Benjamin Brown - born 28 June 1882 in Johnson County, Nebraska, death unknown.  Marries Pearl Simmons.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joseph Charles

Joseph Charles is my 5th Great Grandfather.  He believed to be the 2nd eldest son of Abner Charles and Sarah Walker.

Joseph is believed to have been born on 7 April 1773 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine.  Joseph's father, Abner Charles and Abner's brother, John Charles, are mentioned in the Town History of Fryeburg, Maine as some of the original settlers.  There were some accounts that list the place of birth of Joseph as Concord, New Hampshire.  Part of the reason for that could be that the original plot of land for Fryeburg was mistakenly in New Hampshire.  Once that was discovered the lines for the town were redrawn.

There are three census records that are believed to belong to Joseph Charles.  These census records find Joseph and family all in the state of New York.  The first census record, the Federal Census of 1820, finds the family in Orangeville, Genesse County, New York.

In Orangeville the Charles' household consisted of 1 male age 16 to 18, 3 males 16 to 25, 1 male 45 and older, 4 females under the age of 10, 1 female age 26 to 44,  and 1 female age 45 and older.  The 3 males age 16 to 25 were Timothy, Joseph and Nehemiah - with Nehemiah also being the male listed as age 16 to 18.  Joseph senior would be the male age 45 and older.  The four females under the age of 10 were Lucy, Susannah, Olive and Miranda.  The female age 26 to 44 would be Joseph's wife, Dorothy Abbott.  It is hard to assume who the female over the age of 45 is.  It could be Joseph's mother - as her death date is not known.  She would have been in her 70's.  Dorothy's mother had already passed away.  It could also have been a servant helping the large family.  There are four children unaccounted for in this census.  They are Elizabeth Charles, age 21, Sarah Charles, who would have been 15 years old, Dorothy Charles, age 13 and Perry Charles, age 9.  Elizabeth first child was born in 1819 so she was most likely living with her husband.  I'm not sure why Sarah and Dorothy would not be listed.  I've never found any records for Perry Charles so I could assume that he died young before the census was taken in 1820.

The second census for the Charles' family is the 1830 Federal Census taken in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  The town of Wethersfield was made from part of the town of Orangeville so the Charles family may not have moved since the 1820 Census.

In 1830 the family consisted of 1 male age 5 to 9, 1 male age 50 to 59, 2 females age 10 to 14, 1 female age 15 to 19, 1 female age 20 to 29, 1 female age 50 to 59. The male age 5 to 9 is John Joseph Charles. The male age 50 to 59 is Joseph Charles senior.  The two females age 10 to 14 are Lucy and Susannah and the female age 15 to 19 is Olive Charles.  The female age 20 to 29 could be either daughter Miranda or Dorothy.   The female age 50 to 59 would be Dorothy Charles, wife of Joseph.

The last census for Joseph Charles is the 1840 Federal Census taken in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.

The Charles' family in 1840 consisted of 1 male age 10 to 14, 1 male age 15 to 19, 1 male age 60 to 69, 2 females age 20 to 29, 1 female age 60 to 69. It's hard to determine who the youngest male is in this household, unless it is an unknown child.  The other male age 15 to 19 is John Joseph Charles.  Joseph Charles would be the male age 60 to 69.  The two females age 20 to 29 could still be daughters, possibly Lucy, Susannah, or Olive.  The female age 60 to 69 would be Dorothy Charles.

It should be noted that Wethersfield, New York is no longer in Genesee County.  The County lines were redrawn in 1841 and Wethersfield is now in Wyoming County, New York.

Joseph Charles died in February of 1846 in Wethersfield, Wyoming County, New York.  He is buried in the Wethersfield Cemetery.

The children of Joseph Charles and Dorothy Abbott are:

1. Timothy Walker Charles - born 16 September 1796 in Chatham, Carroll County, New Hampshire, died April 1880 in McKean, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Married Miranda Langdon.
2. Elizabeth Walker Charles - born 21 February 1799 in Chatham, Carroll County, New Hampshire, died 9 December 1879 in Wethersfield, Wyoming County, New York.  Married Daniel Curtis.
3. Joseph Charles - born 13 March 1801 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine, died 28 January 1828 in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  Married Mary Gordon.
4. Nehemiah Charles - born 18 April 1803 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine, died 23 September 1888 in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  Married Anna Mariah Langdon.
5. Sarah Walker Charles - born 13 April 1805 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine, died 22 January 1890 in Palo, Ronald Township, Ionia County, Michigan.  Married Chauncey Conkey.
6. Dorothy Charles - born 17 July 1807 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine, died 31 August 1888 in Richland, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.  Married Benjamin Franklin Langdon.
7. Miranda Charles - born 5 February 1810 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine, died 12 November 1901 in Ionia County, Michigan.  Never married.
8. Perry Charles - born 24 December 1811 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine, death unknown but most likely before 1820.
9. Olive Charles - born about 1814 in Orangeville, Genesee County, New York.  Death unknown.  Marriage unknown.
10. Susannah Charles - born about 1816 in Orangeville, Genesee County, New York.  Death unknown.  Married Jacob Herrick.
Orangeville, Genesee County, New York. Death unknown.  Marriage unknown.
12.  John Joseph Charles - born 7 August 1823 in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York, died 23 September in Montcalm County, Michigan.  Married Mariah - surname unknown.