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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elizabeth Ann Cloud

Elizabeth Ann Cloud is the sister of two of my 3rd Great Grandfathers, Durgan and James Madison Cloud.

Elizabeth Ann Cloud was the youngest child born to William Cloud and Sarah (unknown).  There are two records that are found that list her birth state - and they are in conflict with each other.  We do know that her older siblings were all born in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  Elizabeth, as the youngest, was born 7 years after her next older sibling, James Madison Cloud.  We know that the family had moved to Alabama around that time.  The records in question are the 1850 Federal Census and the marriage record for Elizabeth.  The Census lists her birth state as South Carolina - the marriage record lists her birth state as Alabama.

We can assume that Elizabeth is living with her father William Cloud during the 1830 and 1840 Census living in Madison County, Alabama because there is a female child of her age in both censuses.  Elizabeth was married in 1842 to Simon N Turner on 9 November.

By the 1850 Federal Census we find Elizabeth and Simon living with one child, Cherry.  This is the last record that can be found for Elizabeth.  It is believed that Elizabeth dies in 1853 in Madison County, Alabama.  It is unknown when Simon dies.  There is a marriage record in September of 1853 in Madison County for a Simon Turner marrying a Martha Ashburn - this could be Elizabeth's widow re-marrying to help raise the children.

UPDATE:  Below is the obituary for Elizabeth Ann Cloud:

We do know a little bit more information.  We know that it was Elizabeth's daughter, Cherry, the one grandchild of William Cloud that sued to end the probate of his Will, 40 years after his death.  It is from these probate records that a little more information is found.  Part of the court records listed potential heirs of William Cloud - as he left the land in Alabama, or the proceeds from the sale of the land - to all of his grandchildren.  The land was supposed to be sold 3 years after his death, but more than 40 years later is when his wishes were finally carried out - thanks to Cherry.  The other Turner children listed in the records were Mary R Turner, Sarah A Turner and a William S Turner.

In the records of a Cloud researcher, Thomas Jackson King, he does list Mary and Sarah as children of Elizabeth but not a William.  So who was William Turner and was he a child of Elizabeth and Simon?  Looking for records of the Turner children proved to be hard also.  Looking in the 1860 Census I can find a Mary Turner age 7 living with John and Cherry Hodges.  This could be the daughter of Elizabeth and Turner - one thing that lead that direction is Cherry Hodges.  It is believed that the parents of Simon were a John Turner and a Cherry.  It's possible that Mary was living with her grandmother and her new husband.  The marriage records for Madison County show a Mrs. Cherry Turner marrying a John Hodges in 1859 - so that would fit.

I can't find any census records for Sarah A Turner.  There is a marriage record for a Sarah A Turner to a William Lemley in 1878 in Madison County, Alabama.  So this could be the daughter of Elizabeth and Simon.  Where was she in 1860 though?  If Mary is living with the grandmother - why wasn't Sarah?

There are several William Turner's marrying in Madison County, Alabama.  I can't tie any of them directly to Elizabeth and Simon.  My hope is someone will find this blog and fill in my holes in this Turner family.

So - the children of Elizabeth Ann Clound and Simon Turner were:

UPDATE:  I no longer believe that William Turner is a child of Elizabeth ad Simon as her obituary only lists three children.  It is unknown why when the Will of William Cloud was resolved there was a William Turner listed.

1. Cherry Ann Turner - born about 1853 in Madison County, Alabama. Death unknown. Marries Joseph Vann.
2. Mary R Turner
3. Sarah A Turner.  Possibley marries William Lemley.
4.William S Turner - not really sure if this is a child of Elizabeth but why else would he be listed as an heir of William Cloud?

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