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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Hope, Alabama

Surname Saturday - PARKER

PARKER - What's in your name?

I found this article posted in a newspaper in the 1970's.  I thought it was interesting and falls in line with the Blog topic for today.

I have transcribed it below:

  In medieval times most English lords had portions of their estates set aside as park land, hunting preserves, or deer parks. One member of their official household was in charge of his preserve and was known by the title "gameskeeper" or "parker." The present day surname Parker owes its origin to this occupation or position.

  The word, itself, comes from the Old French "parquier, parchir" meaning a gameskeeper.  Its French roots are a definite indication that the surname evolved after the Norman conquest of England in 1065. Early records lend credence to this opinion for it is not until 1083 that we find a record of the name in England.  In that year an Anschetil Parcher is listed in the Domesday Bank in Somerset.

  While most of the early Parkers were servants of various English lords, at least one family of Earls of Macclesfield and of Morley, Sir Thomas Parker, the first Earl of Macclesfield, was Lord Chancellor of England in 1718.  In 1725 he was impeached and found guilty of embezzlement.

  The distribution of the name is quite widespread and it is not restricted to the limited areas of England. In a few instances the name disguises the medieval name Porker meaning "swineherd".

  Matthew Parker served as the chaplain to Anne Boleyn.  Other Parkers of note include Dorothy Parker, the American writer, Isaac Parker, the American jurist who was instrumental in the creation of Harvard Law School, and Theodore Parker, Massachusetts Unitarian clergy, who was a leading 19th century abolitionist.

The Parker cost of arms depicted above is but one of the many which are recorded for the name.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thomas Walters

Thomas Walters is the 4th Great Grandfather of my wife.

I've already written about Thomas' son John Walters.  I waited to write about Thomas as I was searching for additional information on him.  There is speculation that Thomas served in the Revolutionary War serving under George Washington.  I was hoping to find some concrete information to corroborate this.  Well - I have not been able to prove that yet.

Thomas was born in 1757.  Some records indicate he was born in Virginia and others speculate his birth as England.  I'm not really sure either way.

Thomas Walters is listed in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) as Ancestor #A120187.  The status of his ancestor # is 'FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE'. Apparently at one time he was accepted as a veteran of the Revolutionary War but his service is now in question.  So in order for future generations to be accepted as a member of DAR - they would need to prove his service.  A daunting task I'm sure!

The earliest applicant for the DAR was Ginerva Walters.  Ginerva is descended from Thomas through his son Daniel.  As far as I can tell no one from John's line, that is my wife's line, has applied to be recognized in the DAR.

In Ginerva's application she lists Thomas Walters wife as Mary E. Sibley.  I've seen the name more often quoted as Sively though.  There is another ancestor in the DAR database for a Jacob Sievley.  Jacob is believed to be the brother of Elizabeth Sivley.  Both Jacob and Thomas are thought to have served together.  Jacob is a recognized veteran of the Revolutionary War and did serve under George Washington.  The father of Jacob and Elizabeth is believed to be Joseph Sively and he is also believed to have served in the War.

In her application, Ginerva listed the children of Thomas Walters and Mary E Sibley (or Elizabeth Sivley) as:

1. William Walters - born 15 Apr 1787 in Virginia. Marries Elizabeth Royer.
2. Sarah Walters - born 7 Dec 1790 in Virginia. Marries Fleming Reneau
3. George Walters - born 9 Mar 1795 in Tennessee.
4. Daniel Walters - born 1 Jan 1801 in Alabama.  Marries Lucinda McDonald.
5. Thomas J Walters - born 5 Oct 1805 in Alabama.  Marries Susan Baughman.
6. John Walters - born 5 Apr 1808 in Alabama.  Marries Elizabeth Barker.

Thomas Walters dies 26 August 1826 in Madison County, Alabama.  I have transcribed his Last Will and Testament below. 

It should be noted that the person Thomas names that owes him money in Tennessee last name is Reneau.  One would assume that this William Reneau is related to husband of his daughter Susan.  Her husband's name is Fleming Reneau.

It is unknown where Thomas Walters is buried in Madison County, Alabama.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cannah J Walters

Cannah J Walters is the half brother of my wife's 2nd Great Grandfather, Joseph Walters.

Cannah was was born 20 December 1848 in Fulton County, Illinois.  Cannah was most likely born in Joshua Township.  He is son of John Walters and Elizabeth Jones.

Cannah can first be found in the 1850 Federal Census in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  He is living with his parents and three half siblings, Thomas, John and Susan Walters.  Cannah is still living with his parents in the 1860 Federal Census.  They still reside in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  There are two other individuals living with them in the 1860 Census. They are Joseph Walters, a half brother, and Mary Evans.  Mary's relation to the family is unknown.  Her occupation is listed but not legible.  I will paste it below - it appears to be something about school?  I assume she was maybe living with the family and teaching young Cannah?

Cannah marries a Mary Jane Plumer in Fulton County, Illinois on 18 August 1867.  I assume that this is Mary's second marriage because in a later census her mother is listed as living with them and her name was Susan Waltman.  I can then go backwards and find Susan Waltman living in Joshua, Fulton County, Ill with daughter Mary J.  in the 1860 Census.  So I do believe that Mary's maiden name is Waltman and not Plumer.

In the 1870 Federal Census we find Cannah living alone with his new wife, Mary J.  He is farming in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Living next door are his parents, John and Elizabeth Walters.  Living next door on the other side of him is a Cannah Jones - I could make an assumption that Cannah Jones could possibly be his grandfather on his mother's side.  I have not researched that though. But - Cannah is not a popular name - and his mother's maiden name is Jones.

Cannah and Mary are living in Lee Township, Fulton County, Illinois in the 1880 Federal Census.  Living with them are Mary's mother, Susan Waltman, and both of Cannah's parents.  There is also a farm laborer living with them named May Lenard.  It is unknown if May has any relation to this family.

Cannah's father, John Walters, passes away in 1883 in Fulton County, Illinois.  It was noted that Cannah inherited John's entire estate when he died.  It is unclear why John did not leave anything to his other children except for the fact that they had all moved away and Cannah was the only child that remained in Fulton County.

The next record we find of this family is the 1900 Federal Census living in Bushnell, McDonough, Illinois.  They now have a daughter, Ida Walters, living with them.  Mary's mother, Susan, is still living them although now with a different last name - Fritz.  I think this is a transcription error because I can find a marriage record for a Mrs Susan Waltman marrying a Henry Tritsch in McDonough County in 1884. 

The same family unit is still found living together in the 1910 Federal Census in Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois, including the mother of Mary, Susan Waltman Tritsch.  Cannah is still farming.  Cannah and Mary are still found living here in the 1920 Federal Census.

Cannah J Walters and Mary Jane Waltman have the following child:

1. Ida M Walters - born 14 Sep 1889 in Fulton County, Illinois, dies 28 Jun 1982 in McDonough County, Illinois. Marries George Oplander.

Cannah J Walters dies 19 September 1924 in McDonough County, Illinois.  I have not been able to find where he is buried.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Susan Ann Walters

Susan Ann Walters is the sisters of my wife's 2nd Great Grandfather, Joseph Walters.

Susan Walters was born 9 March 1842 in Fulton County, Illinois.  She is the only daughter of John Walters and Elizabeth Barker.  Her mother, Elizabeth, passed away when Susan was only 2 years old.  It appears Susan was most likely raised by her step mother, Elizabeth Jones, who was described as a neighbor widow.  This Elizabeth married John Walters in 1847, so it is unclear whom might have assisted John during the years 1844 through 1847.

The first record we find for Susan is the 1850 Federal Census.  She is living with her father, John Walters, and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Jones.  They reside in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.

Susan marries John McCarty in Fulton County, Illinois on 19 August 1858.  I can't find John and Susan in the 1860 Federal Census.  Her older brothers, Thomas and John left for Washington in 1859.  Her parents and brothers Joseph and Cannah are in Joshua Township and her brother Daniel is in Farmers Township.  She can't be found.

Between 1860 and 1870 Susan and John have four children.  We find the family with these four children in the 1870 Federal Census.  They are now in Farmers, Fulton County, Illinois.  John's occupation is farming. Three more children are born before 1880.  In 1880 the are found in Putnam, Fulton County, Illinois.

Sometime before 1900 the family moves to Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Washington.  They are most likely moving there to be with Susan's older brothers, Thomas and John.  They are found in the Wilson Creek Precinct in the 1900 Census.  Living a few doors down is her brother, Thomas Walters, and cousin, Joseph Barker.  Living with her is only one of her children, Lydia, with her husband and 3 children.  The 1900 Census notes that Susan has given birth to 13 children but only 5 are living when the census is taken.

Of the 13 children born to Susan Ann Walters and John McCarty we can only find seven.  Here are the ones we know of:

1. Thomas Jefferson McCarty - born 7 Feb 1861 in Fulton County, IL, dies Jan 1937 in McDonough County, IL.   Unknown if married.
2. Charles Monroe McCarty - born 7 Oct 1862 in Fulton County, IL, dies 21 Sep 1951.  Marries Amanda Heffner.
3. Lydia Amanda McCarty - born June 1866 in Fulton County, IL, dies 14 February 1946 in Wilbur, Lincoln County, Washington. Marries Charles McCumber.
4. Mary L McCarty - born about 1866 in Fulton County, IL.  Death unknown.
5. Amanda P McCarty - born about 1871 in Fulton County, IL. Death unknown.
6. Phoebe F McCarty - born March 1874 in Fulton County, IL, dies 1 Oct 1902 in Lincoln County, WA. Marries William Stookey.
7. Ida McCarty - born about 1879 in Fulton County, IL.  Death unknown.

Susan Ann Walters dies 18 May 1908.  She is buried in the Point Pleasant Cemetery in Harris Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Her headstone is below.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Joseph Walters

Joseph Walters is the 2nd Great Grandfather of my wife.

Joseph Walters was born 19 May 1840 in Fulton County, Illinois.  His parents were John Walters and Elizabeth Barker.  Joseph's mother died when he was only 4 years old - in 1844.  It is unclear exactly what happened to the children after the mother passed away.  His father did not remarry until 1847 - so there were a few years where most likely the children were raised by relatives. I cannot find Joseph in the 1850 Federal Census - even though I can find his father with his new wife, two of his eldest brothers living with his father.  Another older brother, Daniel, is living with his mother's brother, Joseph Barker.  Then two younger siblings, sister Susan Ann Walters, and half brother Cannah Walters, are also living with his father.  Where was Joseph in 1850?  My assumption is that he was either living with a relative close by or that he was mistakenly left off of the household of his father.

The first record we can find Joseph in is the 1860 Federal Census.  He is now living with his father, step mother and half brother.  His occupation is a farming.  Joseph marries Angeline Scott 3 October 1861 in Fulton County, Illinois. I do wonder if Joseph fought in the Civil War as he is the perfect age to do so and his brother, Daniel, did. There was a Joseph Walters from Fulton County that did fight in the Civil War but, it would have been hard to be gone in the Civil War and be fathering children, as he did.  Below is part of an account written by the Granddaughter of Joseph and Angeline. 

   "Grandmother Angeline married her school sweetheart, Joseph Walters, when she was about 18 years old. His mother, Mary Barker, died when he was 10. His father remarried a neighbor widow and they had a red headed son known as "Canny" Walters. He inherited everything including the farm. Grandfather Joseph had two older brothers who left home when they were about 15 years old. They went to the state of Washington where they had a horse ranch."

Between the 1860 and 1870 Federal Censuses Joseph and Angeline had 5 children.  Four of these children are found living with them in the 1870 Federal Census.  Also living with them is Angeline's father, Thomas Scott.  They are still farming and living in Joseph, Fulton County, Illinois.

The family sells the farm in 1873 and moves west to Exeter, Nebraska.  Below is an account of this written by Angie Thompson, the Granddaughter of Joseph and Angeline.

  "Grandmother Angeline’s sister, Ann, married Hugh Wilson.  He migrated to Nebraska and came back to Illinois telling glowing tales of Exeter. That is the reason Great Grandfather Scott sold his farm and moved with Joseph and Angeline and family to Exeter in 1873.  They had a square block of ground and planted gooseberry bushes and walnut trees.  They settled in town so the children could go to school.  The lumber for the two-story frame house they built was shipped from Illinois.  The house still stands in Exeter in the north part of town.  Someone removed the top story so it is now a one-story house."

Between the years of 1870 and 1880 four more children are born to Joseph and Angeline.  In the 1880 Federal Census they have seven children living with them.  Thomas Scott, Angeline's father, is still living with them.  Joseph is still farming.

During the next twenty years Angeline and Joseph have three more children.  They attempted to move to Washington where Joseph's two older brothers raised livestock, and were pretty prosperous - as I've noted in a previous blog on those brothers.  Angie Thompson describes it below.

"Grandfather Joseph sold the home he built in Exeter and outfitted a covered wagon to take the family to the state of Washington where his two brothers were living.  Uncle John, the second eldest son, went with them along with the younger children.  Uncle Tom, the eldest son, was working for the railroad and waved to them somewhere along the way from the train he was on.  Somewhere west of Julesburg, Colorado, Mama could remember sitting on the ground in the evening near the wagon and singing “Buffalo Bill Are You Coming Out Tonight”.  As the country grew more desolate, Uncle John said that Grandmother Angeline had stood enough and they were going back to Exeter.  Grandfather did not remonstrate.  They went back and rented land and farmed."
We find the family back in Exeter in the 1900 Federal Census in Fillmore County.  Seven of their children are still living at home as well as one Grandchild, William Blood.  William is the son of their daughter, Elmina.  Living two doors down is their eldest child, Thomas Walters, with his wife and two children.  It's interesting to note that their daughter, Sarah Jane Walters, is found during this time frame in Walla Walla, Washington.  So even though the family did not end of moving to Walla Walla where Joseph's brothers lived, his daughter did.  She was found in the 1892 Washington State Census living there with her husband and son.  With that I assume Joseph's attempt to move there was sometime prior to 1892.

By 1910 the family has moved to Fairmont, Fillmore County, Nebraska.  Three children are still living at home and Joseph is still farming.

Joseph Walters dies 6 May 1913 presumably in Fillmore County, Nebraska since he was living there in 1910.  Joseph is buried in the Exeter, Fillmore County, Nebraska. 

Granddaughter, Angie Thompson, says:
"I was five years old when Grandfather Joseph died.  I can remember seeing him hitch “Ginger” to the gate.  I can remember his snow white beard.  He brought me candy one time when he came home in the late afternoon with Ginger.  I can see the sun shining in the kitchen window on the checkered table cloth and remember the newly baked loaves of bread sitting on the table.  What wonderful cooks and neat homemakers!"

Joseph Walters and Angeline Scott had the following children:
1. Thomas Jefferson Walters - born 6 Jul 1862 in Fulton County, IL and dies May 1945 in Riverside, CA.  Marries Maryetta Colwell.
2. John William Walters - born 8 Dec 1863 in Fulton County, IL and dies 26 Nov 1947 in Exeter, Fillmore County, NE.  Marries Mary Edith Hanson.
3. Sarah Jane Walters - born 27 May 1866 in Fulton County, IL and dies 27 Jul 1957 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, WA.  She marries 1st Will Howard.  She marries 2nd John Bellows.
4. Elmina Dorothy Walters - born 27 May 1868 in Fulton County, IL and dies 28 Sep 1963 in Exeter, Fillmore County, NE.  She marries 1st to Edgar Blood.  She marries 2nd to Herbert Trego.
5. Un-named boy - born/died around 1870 in Fulton County, IL.
6. Charles Marion Walters - born 30 Oct 1872 in Fulton County, IL and dies 30 Sep 1951 in Llewelyn, Garden County, NE.  Marries IdaBelle Alice Minnick.
7. James Lloyd Walters - born 30 Nov 1873 in Fulton County, IL and dies 30 Aug 1944 in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, CA.  Marries Velma Ann Guthrie.
8. Amanda Walters - born 5 Nov 1876 in Fillmore County, NE and dies 4 Jul 1969 in Indianola, McCook County, NE.  Marries Charles Stanley Thompson.
9. Angie Belle Walters - born about 1878 in Fillmore County, NE and dies Apr 1880 in Fillmore County, NE.
10. Alta May Walters - born 18 Mar 1881 in Fillmore County, NE and dies 6 Mar 1950 in Exeter, Fillmore County, NE.  Marries Melvin Mike Guthrie.
11. Joseph Clyde Walters - born 9 Jul 1884 in Fillmore County, NE and dies 20 Oct 1963 in Exeter, Fillmore County, NE.  Never marries.
12. Maude Louise Walters - born in 18 Apr 1886 in Fillmore County, NE and dies 24 May 1912 in Exeter, Fillmore County, NE.  Marries Bert Lynn.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daniel, William and James Walters

Daniel, William and James Walters are all brothers of Joseph Walters, the 2nd Great Grandfather of my wife.  Their parents are John Walters and Elizabeth Barker.

Daniel Walters

Daniel Walters was born about 1836 in Fulton County, Illinois.  I don't have much information on Daniel.  The first record that I believe to be Daniel is the 1860 Federal Census.  He is living with a Barker family in Farmers, Fulton County, Illinois.  I assume this Barker family to be relations of his mother, Elizabeth Barker.  I have not researched the Barker line yet so of this I am not sure.

The only real information I have is that Daniel died in the Civil War.  His place of death is thought to be Camp Sherman in Mississippi in 1863.  This information I obtained from another researcher of the Walters line.  His burial location is unknown.

William Walters

William Walters was born about 1837 in Fulton County, Illinois.  It is believed that William Walters died in 1840 in the same county.  His burial location is not known.

James L Walters

James L Walters was born in 1844 in Fulton County, Illinois.  This is the same year that his mother Elizabeth Barker dies.  I wonder if she died in child birth.  James L Walters died in 1847 in Farmers, Fulton County, Illinois.  His burial location is not known.

Including my previous post of John and Thomas Walters - that makes five Walters brothers who were never married and produced no children.  Stay tuned for Joseph Walters - he makes up for the lack of Grandchildren for John and Elizabeth for he and his wife, Angeline Scott, have a total of 12 children!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John W Walters and Thomas Walters

John W Walters and Thomas Walters are two of the brothers of the 2nd Great Grandfather of my wife.

I'm going to cover these brothers in the same blog since they led a very similar life together.  Neither brother ever married or had children.  John W Walters is the eldest child of John Walters and Elizabeth Barker.  He was born in 1833 in Fulton County, Illinois.  The next born child was Thomas, he was born 13 March 1835 in Fulton County, Illinois.

A note to start about Thomas Walters.  His biography posted below states that he fought in the Blackhawk War in Illinois.  That could not have been possible as the War was fought in the years 1831 - 1832 before Thomas was born.  There was a Thomas Walters that served in the Blackhawk War from Fulton County, Illinois - but not this Thomas Walters.  There were three John Walters that served - most likely the father of Thomas Walters served in the Blackhawk War and not either of his sons.

The first record we find for both brothers is the 1850 Federal Census for Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  They are living with their father, John, and his second wife, Elizabeth Jones.  Also living with them is their youngest brother Cannah Walters, and their sister, Susan Ann Walters.  The occupation listed is farming.

We know next that they followed the trail West to the state of Washington.  We know this because a short biography was written on Thomas Walters in the book "An Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams, and Franklin counties, State of Washington", published in 1904 by the Western Historical Publishing Co.  The transcription of the biography is below.

From the article above we know both Thomas and John left Illinois in 1859 and traveled West.  We can find them in the 1860 Federal Census living together with two other men in Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Washington.  Their occupation is laborer.  Between 1860 and 1865 they appeared to have moved around a bit from mining in Orofino, Idaho and then down to Boise, Idaho doing the same.  They were thought to be making as much as $800 a day mining.  In 1865 they sold their mining interests and later that year Thomas bought a farm back in Walla Walla.  The brothers are found living there in the 1870 Federal Census.

Thomas is next found in 1878 in the Washington State Census living in Hangmans Creek, Stevens County, Washington.  He is a stock raiser now.  John is not listed with him at this time.

In 1880 both brothers are found living in Crab Creek, Lincoln County, Washington.  They continue to be found in the Washington State Censuses in 1885, 1887 and 1889.

John W Walters dies in April of 1900, presumably in Lincoln County, Washington.  I have not been able to find where he is buried.

We find Thomas next int he 1900 Federal Census living in the Wilson Creek precinct, Lincoln County, Washington.  It is most likely that Thomas is still living in the same location, as his biography states that he has lived in the same location since 1874.  Living with him is Joseph Barker - Joseph is listed as his Cousin.  I haven't researched the Barker lineage yet to see whom Joseph's parents are but I would assume Joseph's father to be the brother of Thomas's mother, Elizabeth Barker. 

The article above from the book "An Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams, and Franklin counties, State of Washington" also contained a picture of Thomas Walters.  I have attached it below.

Thomas Walter is again found in the Wilson Creek precinct, Lincoln County, Washington in the 1910 Federal Census.  He is living with the William Stubblefield and family.  He is listed as the partner to William.  I assume they were business partners.

Thomas Walters dies 19 January 1916 at his home.  His obituary was posted in The Wilbur Register, Wilbur, Washington on the 21st of January 1916.  The transcribed copy is below.

I do not know where Thomas Walters is buried.

Both Thomas and John led a very similar life and appeared to stayed together for their entire lives.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

John Walters

John Walters is the 3rd Great Grandfather to my wife, Krista Ann Vorlicky.

John Walters is the youngest son of Thomas Walters and Elizabeth Sivley. I was going to start my Walters line with Thomas - but I wanted to include his Last Will & Testament that is located in the Probate Records in the Madison County Courthouse in Alabama.  I have ordered a copy of this Probate Record so I will backtrack to Thomas when I get it.  There has been much written about the Walters line by several researchers.  Thomas Walters is believed to have served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War!  More on that later.

John Walters was born 5 April 1808 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  John lived at one time with his parents in Madison County, Alabama.  At some point John Walters moves to Fulton County, Illinois.  Most likely it is around 1826 after his father dies in Madison County, Alabama.  We know he is in Fulton County by 1831 as we can find his marriage record to Elizabeth Barker.  There are several Walters brothers already in the area including a Daniel and William Walters - who are believed to be brothers of John.

Fulton County, Illinois was what was known as the 'Military Tract' in the 1820's.  The soldiers who fought in the War of 1812 were given tracts of land in Illinois for their service during the war.  It is believed that John Walter's older brother, William, fought in the war of 1812, and that he came to Fulton County first, living on on the Military Tract there.  William, Daniel, John and other Walters are mentioned in the History of Fulton County, Illinois that was printed in 1879.  The John mentioned is believed to be the subject of this blog.

The next record we find John Walters in is the 1850 Federal Census in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  By this time he is now married to his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Jones.  They were married in 1847.  His first wife, Elizabeth Barker, passed away in 1844. 

Between 1831 and 1844 John Walters and Elizabeth Barker have seven children.  They are:

1. John W "Jack" Walters - born 1833 in Fulton County, IL, died Apr 1900 in Lincoln County, WA.
2. Thomas Walters - born 13 Mar 1835 in Fulton County, IL, died 19 Jan 1916 in Lincoln County, WA.
3. Daniel Walters - born 1836 in Fulton County, IL, died 19 Sep 1863 in Camp Sherman, MS in the Civil War.
4. William Walters - born 1837 in Fulton County, IL, died 1840 in Fulton County, IL.
5. Joseph Walters - born 19 May 1840 in Fulton County, IL, died 6 May 1913 in Nebraska.  Married Angeline Scott.
6. Susan Ann Walters - born 9 May 1842 in Fulton County, IL, died 18 May 1908 in Fulton County, IL. Married John McCarty.
7. James L Walters - born 1844 in Fulton County, IL, died 2 Jun 1847 in Fulton County, IL.

John Walters and Elizabeth Jones had one child. 

1. Cannah Walters - born 20 Dec 1848 in Fulton County, IL, died 19 Sep 1924 in McDonough County, IL.  Married Mary Waltman.

In the 1850 Census John and his second wife, Elizabeth, have 4 children living at home.  They are John, Thomas, Susan and Cannah.  John and his two older sons are listed as farmers for their occupation.  It is unknown where his son Joseph is in 1850 as he only would have been 10 years old.

In the 1860 Federal Census John is still farming in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Joseph is now living with him and so is his youngest son, Cannah.  There is also a Mary Evans living with them, age 24. 

John and Elizabeth are living alone in the 1870 Federal Census, still farming in Joshua Township.  Living next door is their son, Cannah and his wife Mary.  By 1870 John has eight grandchildren.  Four granchildren each from his daughter Susan and his son Joseph.

By 1880 John and Elizabeth have moved to Lee, Fulton County, Illinois.  They are living now with Cannah and his wife, Mary, and Mary's mother, Susan Waltman.  John's wife passes away in 1880.  John lives for 3 more years and passes away in 1883 in Fulton County.  John is buried in Rigdon Cemetery in Fulton County, Illinois.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anna Maria Vorlicky

Anna Maria Vorlicky is the sister of my wife's Great Grandfather, Joseph Vorlicky.

Anna was born in Bohemia on 16 August 1875.  She was the daughter of Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara.  I received a typed version, most likely a transcribed copy, of a birth certificate from Doug Roberts, the Great Grandson of Anna's brother, Joseph Vorlicky.  There are few interesting things about this document.  The first is the spelling of her last name as Vorlicka - the way I understand it is that would be the 'female' spelling of the last name.  Also the description of the father, Vaclav, as a home owner of Velma Shoty.  Why would that description be relevant?  Is it important to note that he is a home owner?  This is the document where we see the maiden name of her Mother, Antonia.  It lists Antonia as the daughter of Gana Kaspara.  Would Gana be the mother or the father of Antonia?  Now that I am reading this document again I am thinking Gana, and the spelling of the last name ending in an 'a', would lead me to the conclusion that this is Antonia's mother - not father.  Now look at the Godfather that is listed - Gosef Kospar.  Kospar looks to be the 'male' spelling of Kaspara.

I'm now wondering if the maiden name of Antonia is Kospar - not Kaspara as I have noted in a previous blog. 

Anna emigrated to the United States in 1879 with her parents and siblings.  On the ship manifest for the S.S. Leipzig she is listed as Maria and being 4 years old.  We find her next in the 1880 Federal Census living with the same family in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota. We see Anna next in the Minnesota State Census for 1885 still living with her parents in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota.  This is the last 'official' record found for Anna.  I have linked her to a few additional records but those are based on assumptions - no proof.

UPDATE!!!  I found a marriage announcement for Anna Vorlicky in The Bimidji Daily Pioneer newspaper.  She did indeed marry Frank W Wetherbee.  The marriage date is 14 September 1906.

The first of those is the 1910 Federal Census for Beltrami County, Minnesota.  In this Census she is married to a Frank Wetherbee.  We do know that Anna married a Wetherbee from photo's that were supplied, again, by Doug Roberts and from her brother's, Joseph, obituary.  This is the only Wetherbee in the area, and he is married to an Anna from Bohemia - so it is a guess at best.  This record very well may not be of Anna Vorlicky.

We also know that Anna lived in Portland, Oregon from the obituary for Joseph Vorlicky. The next record is from Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon for the year 1930.  There is an Anna Wetherbee listed.  She is now widowed, born in Bohemia, and emigrated to the U.S. in the year 1880.  I figure that 1880 is pretty close to 1879 and I assume this to be Anna Vorlicky.  Her occupation is listed as a janitor.

Here are some pictures of Anna that I received from Doug Roberts.

The death date for Anna Maria Vorlicky is 17 September 1947.  This information comes from Doug Roberts also.  I assume she died in Multnomah County, Oregon.  I haven't been able to find an obituary for Anna or a place of burial.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Francesca "Fannie" Vorlicky

Fannie is the sister to my wife's Great Grandfather, Joseph Vorlicky.

Fannie was born 24 Jan 1863 in Bohemia.  Fannie is the daughter of Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara. Fannie and her family emigrated to the United States in 1879 to the Port of New York.  Their destination was Minnesota as many Czechoslovakians at that time.  It is assumed they were meeting family - as there are other Vorlicky's in the area but a direct link to any other Vorlicky's has not been established - yet.

The first record we find for Fannie is with her parents and siblings in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota in 1880.  It is very soon after this record that Fannie meets and marries her husband, Frank Zavoral.  By 1885 the newly married Zavoral's are in Polk County receiving 160 acres of land from the United States government to farm.  The first born child, Mary Zavoral, is born in 1884, presumably in Polk County.  Fannie's brother, Joseph, also moves to the Northwestern part of the state at approximately the same time.  Most likely the families when there together.  Fannie's obituary  states that after marrying Frank Zavoral in Hutchinson in 1880 that she moved to Tabor, Polk County, Minnesota in 1881.

I am not able to find the Zavoral family in the 1885 Minnesota State Census.  I have looked through the Tabor Census and they are not listed.  In the 1895 Minnesota State Census they are found in Northland, Polk County, Minnesota.  Her husband's occupation is listed as carpenter.  They have four children living with them - Mary, Frank, Fanny and Rosy.  All children are presumably born in the Tabor/Northland area.  The picture below would have been taken sometime around 1900.  It has Fannie and Frank's oldest daughter, Mary, in it.  She is the eldest child in the picture.  With her are her cousins Frank, Marie and Rose Vorlicky.  Although I don't have a picture of Fannie - I would assume she would have looked similar to her daughter.

We find the Zavoral's next in 1905 Minnesota State Census.  According to Fannie's obituary the family moves in 1904 to Erie, Minnesota. I am unable to locate the family in the 1900 Federal Census.  The children living with Fannie and Frank in 1905 are Frank, Rosy, and twins Albert and Robert.  By 1910 they have added two more children, Emma and Emil.  The 1910 Federal Census has then living in High Landing, Pennington County, Minnesota.  It say Fannie has given birth to 9 children and 8 of them are still living.  I have only found 8 children living with them during the Census takings.  So the other child appears to have not been alive during the years of 1895, 1905 or 1910.  The name of the missing child is unknown.

The Zavoral's are still living in High Landing, Pennington County, Minnesota in the 1920 and 1930 Census.  Fannie's obituary says they move to Hickory Township in 1932.

Fannie Vorlicky and Frank Zavoral had the following children:

1. Mary Zavoral - born in 1884 in Polk County, MN, dies 26 May 1954 in Seattle, King County, WA.  She married Edward Kelly.
2. Frank Zavoral - born 1888 in Polk County, MN, it is assumed he dies in 1918.  It is unknown if he married.
3. Fanny Anna Zavoral - born 21 Nov 1889 in Polk County, MN, dies 17 Feb 1970 in Pennington County, MN.  She married John Jack Reed.
4. Rose Helen Zavoral - born 23 Jul 1892 in Polk County, MN, dies 3 Jul 1979 in Bellingham, Whatcom County, WA.  She marries Charles Votava.
5. Albert J Zavoral - born 16 Oct 1895 in Northland, Polk County, MN, dies unknown.  Marries Ella Rasmussen.
6. Robert C Zavoral - born 16 Oct 1895 in Northland, Polk County, MN, dies Dec 1980 in Pennington County, MN.  Marries Mary Eidelbes.
7. Emma B Zavoral - born 1898 in Polk County, MN, dies 5 Dec 1926 in Pennington County, MN. Marries John Eidelbes.
8. Emil Henry Zavoral - born 19 Jan 1902 in Polk County, MN, dies 19 Jan 1991 in Pennington County, MN.  Marries Hannah Baird.

Fannie Vorlicky dies 14 January 1940 in Pennington County, Minnesota.  Her obituary is below.

The obituary states that Fannie is buried in the Bohemian Cemetery.  I will need to do some investigating because I can't find a Bohemian Cemetery in Pennington County, MN.