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Monday, May 30, 2011

Durgan M Cloud

Durgan M Cloud is my 3rd Great Grandfather and the brother of another 3rd Great Grandfather, James Madison Cloud.

Durgan was born around 1815 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  Durgan is the son of William Cloud and Sarah (unknown).

Durgan is most likely in the 1830 and 1840 Federal Censuses with his father William Cloud.  Only the head of household is listed but a male of Durgan's age is in both records.

The first record we find for Durgan, under his name, is a marriage record in Madison County, Alabama.  Durgan marries Frances Ann Ashburn.  They marry 1 September 1842.  Frances is the daughter of Byrd Ashburn and Betsy Paten.

Durgan is farming during the next Federal Census of 1850.  They still reside in Madison County - it is noted as District 35, but we know this area to be Cloud's Cove.  They now have 4 children living with them, William J., Adaline, James W., and Sarah C.  Also living with them is a 21 year old farmer - James McCoye - relation, if any, unknown.

The 1860 Federal Census finds the family in the same location.  The value of land is $3300 and value of personal property is $200.  He now has nine children living with him.

In January of 1861 the southern states, including Alabama seceded, from the United States and became part of the Confederate States.  A lot damage was done to the northern part of Alabama during the war, including the town where the Cloud's lived, Vienna, being burned to the ground.  It appears during 1864 the Union army occupied northern Alabama.  Durgan, along with his brother, John, signed an oath to the Union army.  See a short description below:

On the oath form that John signed, he was described as being of ruddy complexion,
having dark hair and grey eyes; he was also five feet and nine inches high.  Incidentally, his
brother Durgan's Oath that was processed at the same time, reflects a similar description;
except he was six feet tall.

Even though the Cloud brothers signed the oath it does not appear they were faithful to the Union.  They were both arrested in 1864 and imprisoned.  See a letter below regarding their arrest.


Note: Following is a copy of a photocopy of a hand written document received from the
National Archives. A few  changes have been made in format, punctuation and spelling;
otherwise, it a true copy of the original.

                                                       * * * 

Head Quarters, Co. F, 13th Wis.
Clarksville, Ala.,

                                                                                         July 22nd 1864
Captain Garduen
A. A. G. Decatur, Ala. 


          Herewith I forward to Hd. Qu. two prisoners, the Messers Cloud, citizens of
Madison Co. Ala. One of them lives within one mile of my camp. The other nearly 2 miles.

          I heard hard reports concerning them when I first came in on the river. They assured
me that they were willing to take the Oath and live in accordance with the same. I sent them
to Clarksville and the Provost Marshall administered it. 

          I have had my eye on them since and have now abundant evidence against them.
They took the oath I ascertained last winter and afterwards went over the river, or was driven
over by a Union Scout Ben Harris. While over on that side they were with Johnson at times
and soon after he crossed, they followed him. 

           I trust Captain that these men may be dealt with as they deserve. They will use oily
language and appear innocent as may be, but they are dangerous men to be in the vicinity of
our camp. 

           They report every thing they hear to Johnson's band. Last night five of said gang
was at the house of D. Cloud. I have had to destroy rafts and canoes twice since I came here
on John Cloud's place. I have taken the Oaths from them and enclose the same.

            Not knowing who was Judge Advocate, I addressed this to you thinking that it
would receive attention sooner. The witnesses all live near my camp, except W. W. Mann,
who is now in Govt. Employ. at Huntsville, Ala. driving ambulances.

Respectfully Yours  O. C.
                                                                                      (Signed)  S. S. Hart
                                                                                     Capt. Co. F, 13th Wis.

We do know that Durgan made it out alive after being imprisoned during the war.  We find Durgan next in 1870 Federal Census.  There is no valuation of his land and his personal property is valued at $100.  It appears the war definately had an effect on the Cloud's financially.  Durgan, passes away 2 October 1879 in Bloomsfield, Madison County, Alabama.  Francis was still living in the 1880 Census - I'm not sure when she passes away as I cannot find her in any records after 1880.

Durgan M Cloud and Frances Ann Ashburn had the following children:

1. William Jackson Cloud - born Aug 1843 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 12 Jun 1915 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries (first) Mary B. Bush.  Marries (second) Jennie Bell.  Marries (third) Fran C. Vann.
2. Adaline P Cloud - born May 1845 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 1904 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Montgomery Mitchell.
3. James Madison Cloud - born Mar 1847 in Madison County, Alabama. Death is unknown.  Marries (first) Frances (Fannie) Lemley.  Marries (second) Louisa Wiley.
4. Sarah Catherine Cloud - born about 1849 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death is unknown.  It is believe she marries (first) to a Mr. Ashburn.  Marries (second) William Robert Dickey.
5. John Arthur Cloud - born 16 Jun 1853 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 1904 likely in Limestone County, Alabama.  Marries Nancy M Stewart.
6. Martha Ann Cloud - born about 1853 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death is unknown but is after 1920.  Never marries.
7. Durgan Monroe Cloud - born Feb 1856 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 16 May 1940 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.  Marries (first) Ellen Dunn.  Marries (second) Sallie Doggett.
8. Julia Ann Cloud - born about 1857 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death is unknown. Marries (first) David Benge.  Marries (second) George C Lemley.
9. Waddy S Cloud - born about 1857 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies after 1910 but before 1920.  Marries a cousin, Martha Ellen Cloud.
10. Walter D Cloud - born 27 Mar 1862 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies Feb 1939 in Marshall County, Alabama.  Marries Louise Callie McKinney.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

John E Cloud

John E Cloud is the brother of two of my 3rd Great Grandfathers, Durgan Cloud and James Madison Cloud.

John Cloud was born in South Carolina - most likely Fairfield County - about 1814.  His parents were William Cloud and Sarah (unknown).  John can be found living with his father in the 1830 Federal Census living in Madison County, Alabama.  His mother passed away prior to 1830.

I can't find John in the 1840 Census.

The following is a transcribed letter written by John's father, William, to him in 1838.  This would lead one to assume that John Cloud would have been in South Carolina around the 1840 Census time.

Note: The original letter was hand written by William Cloud
in 1838. It was hand copied into a deed book of Fairfield County, South Carolina;
since it was related to the property transfer mentioned in the letter. Spaces with (-----) were unreadable. Original spelling has not been corrected.
* * *
Alabama State,
Madison County
July 6, 1838
To: John E. Cloud
Dear Sir:
I recd. your letter rote the 4th day of June and mailed the 7th in 24 days which gave me great satisfaction to hear that all was well. I duly observed thecontents  of your letter and your wishes therein contained and what you said about the land and it was thought there would be some dispute about the land next to Bowels. and Isaac Aldedge's fears about making title for fear of a squabble there. There is no need as you said of a warranty letter from me as Isaac Arledge has the power of ---ance to make the letter. Tell him and let him see this letter and he may ask Person-------- he could be liable in any way whatever, for I am sure every Neighbor there knows my land nearly as well as I do, say those that lived there when I left which was Henry Haygood, old Mr. Haygood and old Mr. Powell and sons and General Strawther and as it iswell known. Tell Seith Isaac Aldedge s to make a warrantee title to you or who may wish to purchase the land in this ---- say all my rights and claims of land lying on the waters of Little CederCreek which I purchased of the Miles, it being part of a plot of land granted to old Look Ralls more or less, that to say all my claim, in making this title,
Arledges will be perfectly safe and the purchaser also. And if they say they can't purchase it as above stated they may be safe by you and them applying in Winsborogh at the office where they, I expect will find my land on record, both deed and plat, if I am not mistaken, which will enable the purchaser to know the land. I had two hundred and six acres and three
quarters to best of my recollection. I have bin thinking how there can be any dispute in the land next to Mr. Bowel's, if mine is it must be at the lower part of his plantation next to where William Broom lived. I bot a small plot of land of Wm. Miles I believe it was about an acre or two but forget whether I----------------on a branch below Bowels field by the branch is the line between me and Miles old place. I bot it to have excess to the water and give at the ---------- dollars per acre. The branch as I have already stated was the line for a small -------- the la
maybe known it is a small piece of low ground on the west side of the branch and lies low and level, just below old Mr. Bowels plantation. I also had a small quantity (of land) on the east side of the same branch and one of my corners is just below the piece of low ground above named and on the east side of the branch next to Wm. Miles place which a Mr. Robinson owned when I left that state. The least I was offered for my land when I was on it was eleven hundred dollars all down. This was offered by Mr. Powell & Caleb Powell son of old Mr. Powell kno my land as well as I did and if yet alive can show the whole of it if he would. Give my complement to Mr. Powell and tell him to be so good as to sh my land to anyone that wants to purchase and in so doing he will much oblige one wishes him well. John tell Arledge to make a letter to all my right of land laying in Fairfield District, more of less, and if they wish to purchase , the land being well ----- will make no difference but they will still say they are afraid to purchase on the above named way
in order to get your land for nothing. If they will not purchase in the way above stated let it lie till they are willing, and I would not take less than a thousand dollars unless it was every dollar paid down, then you may take eight hundred all down and if they will not give it for my claim more or less, let it stay there til I come.
I am yours and give my love to all friends. I remain yours ------.
(Signed) Wm. Cloud
N.B. I wish you to send the amt of my land by John Whither in money, notes or other property. If you sell.
(Signed) Wm. Cloud.

The following was written by Great Grandson of John E Cloud, Thomas Jackson King:

    My great-grandfather, John E. Cloud, was one of five  children. He was born in South
Carolina around 1814, before his family migrated to Alabama. He grew to  maturity in the
Cloud's Cove area mentioned above. He most likely married around 1844 , but so  far I have
been unable to find a record of his marriage. Since he traveled to Tennessee and South
Carolina, it is possible that he was married in one of those states. Estate and census records
show that his wife's given name was Sarah J. She may have been from Tennessee or South
Carolina, but I have not checked to see if that is correct; some day I may do so.

    Around 1838, John E. returned to the Fairfield  District of South Carolina to help his
father dispose of some land left behind when the family migrated to Alabama. Records show
that afterwards, he spent sometime in Tennessee and later farmed some land his father owned in the Cloud's Cove area of Madison County Alabama.

    Civil War records show that on the first of August  1863, John E. Cloud sold some forage
(hay) to the  Confederate States. About a year later on the 25th of June 1864, he signed an
Oath of Allegiance to the U. S.; since at that time, north Alabama was occupied by Union
       On the oath form that John signed, he was described as being of ruddy complexion,
having dark hair and grey eyes; he was also five feet and nine inches high.  Incidentally, his
brother Durgan's Oath that was processed at the same time, reflects a similar description;
except he was six feet tall.
    Court records regarding the estate of John's father William, show that John E. died during
the Civil War. He left seven minor children, my grandfather being the youngest of them. I
once heard from another genealogical researcher that John E.'s widow remarried a couple of
years following his death to a man named John Harrison.  They lived in the New Hope,
Alabama area. I was unable  to find them in the 1870 U. S. Census for Madison  County,
Alabama; but I did find a John Harrison living in nearby Marshall County.    

    Some Civil War records that the author  recently received  photocopies of, say that John
E. was arrested for Violation of his Oath of Allegiance to the Union. He was subsequently
transferred to a Federal Military prison in Nashville. There he died on 30 January 1865  in a
federal military hospital. His death was due to dropsy (edema) of the liver, which could have
resulted from interrogation abuse while in prison. Please note Appendix B for a copy of the
charges against him.

   John's brother Durgan Cloud was arrested the same day for violation of his Oath of
Allegiance. He  survived the war and later became the foster father of my grandfather John
Ruben Lee Cloud. (Incidentally, Durgan also had a son named John).


John Cloud can be found in the 1850 Federal Census in Madison County, Alabama.  He is most likely living on the property of his father William Cloud that was Willed to him.  He is living with his wife Sarah (unknown surname) and two children, Emma and Lenora.  Living next door, again most likely on property Willed by William Cloud, is John's sister Elizabeth, along with her husband Simon Turner and daughter Cherry Ann Turner.

John is still living in Madison County, Alabama during the 1860 Federal Census.  His wife and five children are living with him.

We know that the years following 1860 until John's death in 1865 were tumultuous by the recap above by John's Great Grandson.  The Civil War was being fought on the land were he lived - the town of Vienna, where he lived close to, was burned to the ground with the exception of two buildings.  He was taken as a prisoner of war and died in a military hospital in Tennessee.

His wife remarried before 1870 to a John Harrison.  The 1870 Federal Census is the last record found for her - her death date is unknown. 

John Cloud and Sarah had the following children:

1. Emma Elizabeth Cloud - born 1845 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died 1874 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries (first) Silas Randals.  Marries (second) Francis Clark.
2. Russian Cloud - born 1846 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died before 1850 in Madison County.
3. Lenora Jane Cloud - born 1847 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died 1884 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries William Riley Lemley.
4. Learina Francis (Fannie) Cloud - born 1852 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died 1883 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries (first) Richard Clark.  Marries (second) William E Butler.
5. Mary C (Mollie) Cloud - born 1855 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died around 1876 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Peter Lemley.
6. John Ruben Lee (Beadle) Cloud - born August 1858 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died 1827 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Fannie Lacy Wall.
7. Sarah (Sallie) Cloud - born 1861 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died 1881 in Madison County, Alabama.

It is not known where John E Cloud is buried.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adeline Amelia Cloud

Adeline Amelia Cloud is the sister of two of my 3rd Great Grandfather's, Durgan Cloud and James Madison Cloud.

Adeline is the daughter of William Cloud and Sarah (unknown).  Adeline was born in Fairfield County, South Carolina around 1812.

The first record for Adeline is her marriage to Tyrus Bell on 5 March 1829 in Madison County, Alabama.  Next we find a Federal Census record for Tyrus Bell in the 1830 living in Madison County, Alabama.  Living with Tyrus Bell is one male under age 5 (believed to be William Bell) and one female aged 15 to 19, which would be Adeline (Cloud) Bell. They have three slaves living with them.  Living next door is Adeline's father, William, and her younger siblings.  It is assumed her mother has passed away prior to 1830 as there is no female of her mother's age range living with William.  There are also two more Bell families living on the other side of William Cloud, Francis Bell and Isham Bell.  It is believed that Francis Bell is the father of Tyrus.

We still find the family in Madison County, Alabama in the 1840 Federal Census.  In this census they have one male under age 5 (believed to be Asa Wilson Bell), one male age 5 to 9 (Joshua Bell) and one male age 10 to 14 (William Bell).  There is one female under age 5 (Susan Bell) and one age 5 to 9 (Sarah Bell).  They now have 16 slaves living with them in 1840.

There is a Tyrus Bell found in the 1845 State Census in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  So it is believed the family moved to Noxubee County before 1845.  The family is found in the 1850 Federal Census living in Noxubee County, Mississippi.

Adeline's husband, Tyrus, passes away in 1853 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  He leaves Adeline as the executor of his Will.

We find Adeline living with six of her children in the 1860 Federal Census in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  In the 1870 Federal Census Adeline is living with her son, Asa Wilson Bell, and his second wife Epsa.  Still residing with Adeline is the oldest daughter, Sarah.  It should be noted that Sarah was noted as a lunatic in her Grandfather Bell's Will as well as her lunacy was proclaimed by her brother, Joshua, when he filed a petition to gain control of her money in Noxubee County.

Adeline and Sarah are found in the 1880 Federal Census, this time living with her daughter, Susan, and Susan's husband, Willis Wilkins.  They are still in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  This is the last record we find for Adeline.  It is assumed that Adeline passed away sometime after 1880 but before the next Federal Census of 1900.

Adeline Amelia Cloud and Tyrus Bell had the following children:

1. William Bell - born about 1829 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown.  Believed to have married Mary Elizabeth Turner.
2. Sarah Bell - born about 1834 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown.
3. Joshua Bell - born 16 Aug 1835 in Madison County, Alabama. Died 7 Jul 1897 in Erath County, Texas.  Married Nancy Jane Wilkins.
4. Susan Bell - born about 1838 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died after 1880, most likely in Texas.  Married Willis Richard Wilkins.
5. Asa Wilson Bell - born Apr 1839 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died about 1900 in Texas.  Married (first) Julia Richardson.  Married (second) Epsa McGee.
6. Dudley Bell - born 26 Mar 1841 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died 2 Dec 1901 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Married Letitia Levonia Featherston.
7. Madison Bell - born about 1844 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown.
8. Mary E Bell - born about 1846 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Died about 1860 in Mississippi.
9. John Hardy Bell - born about 1848 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Death unknown.
10. Tyrus C Bell - born Jan 1852 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Died after 1910 and before 1920 in Tom Green County, Texas.  Married Fannie Doss.

I have not been able to find when Adeline actually died or where she is buried.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

William Cloud - 1621 - 1702

William Cloud would be my 9th Great Grandfather.  The following was transcribed from 'Genealogical and personal history of Fayette County, Pennsylvania', copyrighted 1912 in New York by the Lewis Historical Publishing Company.  There is a second transcription below this one.  Here is also a link to yet another lineage from William Cloud - click HERE


Nicholas, in "The Norman People and Their Descendants," says: Cloud is a form of Cloet allied to Clouard, Clouet, etc." Roger Cloet came to England from Normandy between 1185 and 1190, Peter and William Cloet coming later.  A branch of the family settled in Wiltshire, England, members of the Society of Friends, but as the Wiltshire monthly meetings records none of their marriages or births it is adjudged they became after they were in elder years.  William Cloud, of Calne, in Wiltshire, was the founder of the Pennsylvania family.  He was a member of the Friends' meeting in Calne and while attending a meeting there may 16, 1660, the meeting "was broken up by a party of soldiers, who came with swords drawn and pistols cocked and violently haled out those that were met, and when asked for their warrant showed their swords, saying: 'This is our warrant.'" On December 7, 1680, he attended a meeting in Marlborough, but in 1682 seems to fallen under the censure of the Friends. On September 8 and 9, 1681, William Penn granted to William Cloud five hundred acres of land laid out in Pennsylvania.  It is probable he came to America either in the latter  part of 1682 or early in 1683.  This land was surveyed and laid out to the southward of Naemans Creek, but was afterward discovered to be in New Castle County, Delaware.  He does not appear to have lived on his land, his home being in Concord Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  He was a member of the Chichester meeting, was a contributor to the fund toward the erection of the meeting house and the cost of the graveyard about 1685.  The minutes indicate attendance at two meetings in 1690.  He died about 1702.  His Will, proved August 25, 1702, is recorded in Will Book B, page 244, in the register's office at Philadelphia.  He does not mention a wife, she having probably preceded him to the grave. Children: William, Jeremiah (my 8th Great Grandfather), Joseph, John, Robert and Susannah.

     Jeremiah, son of William Cloud, died 1717, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He probably came to Pennsylvania with his father.  In 1713 he was selected by his brothers as the one to whom the new patent for the five hundred acres originally purchased by their father should be confirmed to. On February 15, 1715, he conveyed two hundred acres to his brother John.  It is not clear where he first settled, but later he was a resident of Rockland Manor, New Castle County, Delaware, and his Will, proved December 21, 1717, is on file in that county.  He married, in 1685, Elizabeth Bailey (my 8th Great Grandmother), who possibly was a second wife.  Children: Jeremiah, of whom further: William (my 7th Great Grandfather), Daniel, John, Mordecai, Hannah, Sarah and Elizabeth.

     Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Bailey) Cloud, died in 1748.  He settled in the eastern part of East Marlborough, now Pocopson Township, Chester County. He married, in 1710, Ann Bailey. Children: Elizabeth, born 1711, married Thomas Underwood; Joel, of whom further; William, born 1718, died 1791, married, 1739, Mary Pierce; Jeremiah, born 1725, died 1817, married (first) Lydia Harlan, (second) Hester Henry; Benjamin, born 1727, died young; Mordecai, born 1729 married (first) Ann Harlan, (second) about 1786, Agnes Morrison; Rachel, born 1733, died young.

     Joel, son of Jeremiah Cloud, was born 1715, died 1746, married, 1741, Esther Stubbs.  Children: David, Joel and Daniel.

     Joel, son of Joel Cloud was born about 1744.  He married Hannah Pyle, and left five children.

     Jeremiah, son of Joel Cloud (above), was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, September 3, 1797.  he, as all forbears in America had been, was a member of the Society of Friends, and a Whig.  He was a hatter by trade, also a miller, distiller and farmer of Greene County, Pennsylvania, having settled at Carmichaels, Cumberland Township, in that County.  He married Jane Morgan; children; Milton, Annie, Marion, Sarah, Ellen, Morgan, Elma and Thomas C.

     Thomas C., son of Jeremiah and Jane (Morgan) Cloud, was born January 10, 1826, at Carmichaels, Greene County, Pennsylvania, died June 8, 1898.  He was a farmer and a teacher for several years.  He was a Republican in politics and a member and deacon of the Baptist Church.  He married Ann Eliza Hartley, died September 4, 1885, daughter of Josephus Hartley, a farmer of Greene County.  Children; Milton Harlan, of whom further; Minor Alonzo, born March 16, 1858, died August 6, 1885. Josephus, born May 22, 1859, died May 30, 1859. William Mesterzatt, born June 24, 1860; married Laura, daughter of Miles Anderson, of Old Frame.  Albert Edwin, born January 6, 1863, died June 8, 1896.  Sarah Jane, born April 4, 1864; married Edgar Hewitt; lives at Pittsburgh.  Jeremiah Morgan, born September 20, 1865, died 1891. Elma Lora, born October 27, 1869, died 1878.  Ellen Mora, twin of Elma Lora, died 1878.  Marion Edgar, born 1874, now living in Philadelphia.  Otho Edmund, twin of Marion Edmund, now living in Philadelphia.

    Dr. Milton Harlan Cloud, son of Thomas C and Ann Eliza (Hartley) Cloud, was born near Carmichaels, Greene County, Pennsylvania, February 9, 1857.  He was educated in the public schools of Greene County, Greene Academy, at Edinburgh, and the State Normal School of Eric County.  He entered the Miami Medical College in 1882, and was graduated in 1886 with the degree of M.D., after reading medicine with Dr. A. J. Gibbons, of Carmichaels, Pennsylvania.  For twenty-six years he has been building up a practice in Masontown readMasontown he is also prominent and active, being vice-president of the Masontown Brewery, director of the Masontown National Bank and director of the Masontown Glass Company.  For twelve years as a Republican he served the town in the capacity of school director, but resigned to become councilman and he is also an ex-treasurer of the borough.  Dr. Cloud's fraternal orders are Colfax Lodge, No. 565, A. F. and A. M., the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Loyal Order of Moose.  His professional societies are the Medical Society of Fayette County, Medical Society of Pennsylvania and the American Medical Association.

      He is a land owner of Greene County, owning two hundred and three acres richly underlaid with coal, although as yet none of it has been mined.  He was formerly a Baptist, but now attends the Methodist Church.  One of Dr. Cloud's greatest pleasures comes from the possession of good trotting horses, and he has in his stables some of the best stock in the state.  he owns three valuable sires, and has lately purchased two trotters - "The Roman," time 2.19 1/4, from George Smith, of Chillicothe, Ohio, and "Kentucky Joe," 2.25 1/2, in Danvers, Massachusetts.  Dr. Cloud occupies a prominent place in the social, business, political and professional life of the town, and has risen to this position through professional skill, industry, perseverance and pluck.

     He married, September 15, 1886, Lolo Zoe Provins.  Children: Gladys Winifred, born August 13, 1889, died June 19, 1892.  Olive B, born April 13, 1891; married Sherman Gabler; they have two children, and live in Salem, Ohio.  Silas Randall, born April 21, 1894, died December 30, 1911.


This next transcription is from the book titled 'Southside Virginia Families - Volume II' by John Bennett Boddie.  This book was published in 1956 by Clearfield Company, Inc.

Cloud of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and South Carolina

     Willliam Cloud (my 9th Great Grandfather), ancestor of this family, came from Calne, Wiltshire, England, and settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where William Penn granted him 500 acres of land on September 8, 1681.  He made his Will the 20th day of the 7th month 1700 which method of dating is usually a Quaker designation, and same was probated at Chester August 25, 1702, as follows: "I, William Cloud of Concord Sem, in county of Chester, being aged and well stricken in years, do give unto my son William Cloud 100 acres of my purch land; to my son Jeremiah Cloud (my 8th Great Grandfather) 200 acres of my purchased land, to sons, Joseph, John and Robert Cloud one English shilling if demanded; to my grand daughter, Hannah Cloud, daughter of Jeremiah Cloud, all the rest of my estate, both real and personal, she to be Executrix.  Son Jeremiah to be Overseer.  Wits: Robert Pyle, Ann Pyle, Sadie Pyle (Register of Wills, Philadelphia).  Children:  William, d. 1720, m. Grace; Jeremiah, m. Elizabeth Bailey (see later); Joseph, m. Mary Moore; John, m. Ann Beesom; Robert, dsp? Susanna, m. Lukens.

     Jeremiah Cloud (my 8th Great Grandfather), who inherited 200 acres from his father William, had a much larger estate upon his death 17 years later.   Jeremiah made his Will February 20, 1715/16 same probated December 1, 1717, as follows: "I, Jeremiah Cloud of Rexland Manor in County of New Castle upon the Delaware in Pennsylvania, cordwainer, being "sick and weak", give unto my beloved wife, Elizabeth,  and son William Cloud (my 7th Great Grandfather), whom I constitute executors of my Will, my manor plantation where I now dwell with cattle etc.  Immediately after wife's death it is to become property of William; to sons, Jeremiah and Mordecai 500 acres in Township of Marlborough, Chester County; to son, Daniel, tract of land known as "Mount Pleasant", formerly land of Nathaniel Lampley near Chichester containing 200 acres; to son John one shilling; to daus. Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth at 21 certain pounds of ancient money".  Wits:  George Robinson, Robert Gillingham (Dover Delaware Book C, Vol 1, p. 118)

     William Cloud (my 7th Great Grandfather), son of Elizabeth (Bailey) and Jeremiah, is said to have also married an Elizabeth Bailey.  He was of age in 1716 at the time his father made his Will as he was the executor.  He made his Will at Brandywine Hundred, County of New Castle, Delaware, May 12, 1747, "in perfect health and memory", to son Henry Cloud, 400 acres in Frederick County, Virginia, where he hath made his choice at the lower end of my land"; to son Jeremiah Cloud 400 acres in the same Colony where he hath made his choice adjoining to my son before mentioned; to son, Daniel Cloud, the reversion of the said tract except the bottom part to be equally divided between my three sons heretofore mentioned; to my wife, Elizabeth, thirty pounds and all profits of my plantation until son William (my 6th Great Grandfather) comes of age, also to William tract of land bought from John Little John, adjoining land to son Joseph; to daughter Margaret Cloud 50 pounds, to daughters Elizabeth and Mable 5 shillings each.  Wife extrix.  Wits; Joseph Pyle, William Ford, Benjamin Ford.  (Reg. New Castle, Del.)

     The first three sons above named were evidently living in Frederick County, Virginia, where they "had made their choice" at the time the above Will was made.

     Daniel Cloud served in the Revolution as a private from Virginia, enlisting June 6, 1776 and serving until 1778.  Mordecai Cloud's Will was probated in Frederick County 1789.

     William Cloud (my 6th Great Grandfather), son of William of Brandywine Hundred, first appeared in South Carolina by official records on the third day of January 1765 when he took a land grant on Fishing Creek in Chester County, South Carolina, then old Craven County.  He took two successive land grants for "increase in family".  Sometime before 1775 William Cloud deeded this land on Fishing Creek in Chester County to his daughter, Mrs. Alice Boyleston.  This land is still owned by the Boyleston family.  The other grant of William Cloud on Fishing Creek in Chester County was deeded to their son, James Cloud.  William Cloud then removed to Virginia until after the Revolution when he came back to South Carolina and records show that he was buying lands in this county on the first of January 1787.

     The family record is that William Cloud married in Virginia to Alice Hardin (my 6th Great Grandmother) before coming to South Carolina originally.  There are deeds in Fairfield and in Charleston showing Alice Cloud, the wife of William Cloud, as signing dower rights.

     William Cloud made his Will March 14, 1810, probated August 30, 1811, as follows: To wife and son Joseph, certain negroes, cattle and furniture, remainder to be sold and divided equally between my daughters, Sina Ford, Alice Boyleston and grandson, Vincent Bell; to grandson, William Cloud (my 4th Great Grandfather), son of Daniel (my 5th Great Grandfather), all my lands lying on the south side of Thorntree Creek at death of my wife; to daughter, Ann Guphill 5 shillings; Joseph Cloud, my cons and Vincent Bell, my grandson, to be exrs.  Wits:  Leod Godbolt, Ananias Godbolt, Samuel Loughdote (Winnsboro Bk. 5-539).  His children were: Joseph, b. Mar 23, 1770, m. Martha Nettles; James, m. Jane McKennie; Ann, m.  Ford; Alice, m. Boyleston; David; dau. m. Bell, and had Vincent Bell who was to take his deceased mother's portion.

     Joseph Cloud, born Mar 23, 1770, in Fairfield County, South Carolina, died Oct. 5, 1851 in Fairfield, m. Dec. 25, 1801, Martha Nettles, born Oct. 15, 1785 in Fairfield, died May2, 1852.  Mr. Cloud was a planter and raised a large family.  His Will was that of a wealthy man as he disposed of a large quantity of personal property including negroes and cattle.  It was dated Feb. 20, 1851 and probated Oct. 13, 1851.  He bequeathed his wife, Martha, one half of plantation where I now live including houses, 25 cattle, etc.  Other legatees, sons, Austin N., James H. William A., Anderson J., Douglas B., Franklin D., daughters were Alice Barber, Anne Bailey, Eliza H. Hood, Jane McKey.  Other legatees, William Barber, Charles Bailey, James Hood.  Executors, sons Austin, John and Franklin Cloud.  Wits. I.F. Cloud, L.H. Boulware, I.C. Boulware. (Bk. 19-319). Children:

I.     Alice, m. William Barber.
II.    Jane, b. Dec. 31, 1804, m. William Land McKey (see later).
III.   Eliza, m. James Hood.
IV.   Anne, m. Charles Bailey and had: James Bailey; Walter Bailey m. Helen Cloud; Douglas Bailey m. Hattie Steele, Lavinia Bailey, m. Dr. Anderson Bowen, first wife; Eliza Bailey, m. first Richburg, second E.T. Lomas of England; Eunice H. Bailey, m. Dr. J.G.B. Bulloch; Alice Bailey m. Dr. J. E. Jarnigan; Joseph Bailey; Arrabella Bailey.

The following data obtained from tombstones at old Smyrna Church - located between Ridgeway and Camden, S.C.: No marker found for Anne Cloud - daughter of Joseph and Martha Nettles Cloud, found only marker for husband - Charles Bailey - died March 25, 1857 - aged 58 years.  Children of Anne Cloud and Charles Bailey buried at Old Smyrna:
1. James A. Bailey, born Nov. 16, 1841, died May 25, 1862.
2. Alice Bailey - Beloved wife of Dr. J. E. Jarnigan - born may 16, 1852 - married May 4, 1875 - died Nov. 25, 1896.
3. Arrabella Josephine - daughter of C. and A.C. Bailey - born March 28, 1855, died Sept. 19, 1857.

V.     Anderson, m. Martha Barber.
VI.    Douglas B. m. Cornelia Webb.
VII.   Franklin D., b. Nov. 4, 1824, m. Sarah Hogan. (See Later)
VIII. John Benjamin, b. Oct. 26, 1810, m. Margaret Montgomery.
         Data from tombstones Old Smyrna Church:
         John Benjamin Cloud - Born Oct. 26, 1810 - died Oct. 7, 1895.
         Margaret D. Cloud - daughter of David and Mary Montgomery and wife of J.B. (John Benjamin)
         Cloud - born Nov. 16, 1818 - died Feb. 19, 1885.
           1.  T. E. (Ellison) Cloud - born Dec. 21, 1838 - died April 15, 1882.
           2. David Gamewell Cloud - born April 16, 1841, died July 4, 1871.
           3. Mrs. C. L. Rouseborough, wife of T. L. Rouseborough, born Jan. 31, 1844, died Feb. 20,
               1877. (Louisa Cloud)
           4. Mary Alexina Cloud, born May 25, 1848, died Dec. 19, 1863.
           5. Helen C., wife of W. A. Bailey, born July 27, 1845, died June 6, 1910. W.A. Bailey, born
               May 19, 1843, died May 9, 1909.

IX.   James, m. Sarah Bell.
X.     Austin, m. Mary (Polly) Ruff.

     Jane Cloud, daughter of Martha (Nettles) and Joseph Cloud, was born Dec. 31, 1804, died Jan. 26, 1853; married Feb. 17, 1825, William Land McKey, born Nov. 3, 1800, died Nov. 9, 1856.  Children from McKey family records now in possession (July 8, 1954) of Miss Lillian Jordan McKey, 513 W. Hill St., Valdosta, Ga.

I.     Martha Elizabeth McKey, b. Nov. 20, 1825, died April 25, 1857, married Sept. 3, 1845 Aaron
       Woodward and had children: John Woodward, James Woodward and Annie Woodward.
II.    Jonathan Leval McKey, b. Oct. 23, 1827, m. June 24, 1857 Emma R. Lawson and had three
III.   Dr. James Taylor McKey, b. July 24, 1833, m. Jan. 19, 1869 Mattie Lorena Brassington and had
        one child who died in infancy.
IV.   Alice Jane McKey, b. April 21, 1829, d. Sept. 16, 1866, m. Jan. 8, 1849 Henry B. Holliday.
V.    William Harrison McKey, b. Oct. 17, 1837, d. Feb. 19, 1890, m. Oct. 25, 1876 Martha Ann
        Watson, b. Nov. 29, 1861, d. March 19, 1930. Their children were:
        1. Earle Sinclair McKey, b. Jan. 6, 1878, d. March 18, 1930, m. Dec. 4, 1907 Susan Catherine
            Converse, dau. of Mary Ann Keller and Thomas Briggs Converse and had children:
            (1) Earle Sinclair McKey Jr., b. Sept. 1908, m. (1) Alys Katherine Keiley on Nov. 6, 1940 and
            had one child: Earle Sinclair McKey III, b. Oct. 18, 1942. m. (2) Oct. 22, 1948 Martha Augusta
            (2) William Converse McKey m. Martha Jane Gates Nov. 12, 1938 and have a son born Aug.
            19, 1951, William Clay McKey.
            (3) Robert Wilburn McKey married Lucille Adams, Nov. 6, 1942 and have:
                  a. Robert Wilburn McKey, -Jr., b. Nov. 9, 1944.
                  b. Lucille, b. Jan. 19, 1947.
                  c. Sally Catherine, b. Jan. 18, 1953.
             (4) Susan Converse McKey, m. Lyndle Eugene Thomas, Dec. 16, 1943 and have:
                  a. Lyndle Eugene Thomas Jr., b. Dec. 31, 1946.
                  b. William Converse Thomas, b. Oct. 10, 1950.
        2. Lillian Jordan McKey, b. Aug. 24, 1883 - unmarried.
        3. Wilburn Hampton McKey, b. May 12, 1887, d. June 10, 1954 - unmarried.
        4. Alva Bulloch McKey, b. Aug. 30, 1889 - unmarried.

     Franklin Darrington Cloud, b. Nov. 24, 1824, Fairfield Co., S.C., d. Sept. 29, 1885, Fairfield, Co., S.C., m. June 2, 1846, Fairfield Co., S.C. Sarah Hogan, b. Jan. 4, 1825, Fairfield Co., S.C., d. June 16, 1888, Fairfield Co., S.C.  Their children are:

I.     Danman Cloud, killed in the confederate army.
II.    Mary Eliza Cloud.
III.  William Cloud m. Josephine Fullwood.
IV.  Joseph Cloud married and moved to Texas.
V.    Martha, m. Hon. William J. Johnson, Banker and Member of S.C. Assembly.
VI.   Cynthia, m. Richard Hogan.
VII.  Milton, died young.
VIII. Ernest Eugene, b. July 16, 1864, d. May 30, 1925, m. Sept. 21, 1894, Jessie Walker Hough, b.
         June 8, 1870, d. Dec. 31, 1952. Their children were:
         1. Mary Evelyn, b. Oct. 5, 1895.
         2. Esther Eugenia, b. July 11, 1900.
         3. Sarah, b. May 29, 1904.
         4. Jessie, b. March 10, 1910, m. James Patterson McAliley.
         5. Ernestine, b. March 10, 1910, m. William Raynolds Paden (Twin)
IX.   Alice Ann m. Samuel Duke (See Later)

     Alice Ann Cloud, b. Oct. 11, 1861, Fairfield Co., S.C., d. April 25, 1951, Columbia, Richland Co., S.C., m. Dec. 20, 1880, Fairfield Co., S.C. Samuel Charleton Duke, b. Sept. 29, 1854, Fairfield Co., S.C., d. June 22, 1895, Fairfield Co., S.C., Children:

I.     Ruth Estelle Duke, b. Feb. 4, 1884, m. March 31, 1917, John L. Dove, b. Aug. 18, 1883, d. July 
       25, 1949, son of Nancy Weir Dove and Richard Dove.  Children:
      1. Ruth Dove, b. May 15, 1918, m. Norman Des Jardins.
      2. Dorothy Dove, b. Feb. 15, 1922, m. (1st) Raymond L. McKenzie and had:
          a. John Raymond McKenzie, b. May 21, 1942.
          Dorothy Dove, after divorce, m. (2) Richard Wilson and had:
          b. Richard Peter Wilson, b. Jan. 20, 1949.
          c. Shelley Dove Wilson, b. Jan. 7, 1950.
          d. Sherry DuBois Wilson, b. Jan. 7, 1953.
II.    Ernest Charlton Duke, b. 1881, d. 1899 - unmarried.
III.   Sarah Duke, m. Benjamin Frampton Griner - had one son - Benjamin Charlton Griner who m.
        Mary Moulder.
IV.   Lila Christine Duke, b. Oct. 11, 1894, d. May 10, 1939, m. April 24, 1924 Charles Watson
        Holland, b. June 24, 1896.  Children:
        1. Carolyn Cloud Holland, b. July 30, 1926, educated at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S.C. m.
            Aug. 7, 1944, Burrell Marion Ellison, Jr., b. Nov. 15, 1920.  Children:
            (1) Burell Marion Ellison III, b. Feb. 28, 1936.
            (2) Laura Carolyn Ellison, b. Aug. 8, 1948.
            (3) Elizabeth Jones Ellison, b. May 2, 1953.  (see V.H.G. page 165 for Mr Burrell M. Ellison)
        2. Charles Duke Holland, b. April 25, 1929, married. -- has two adopted children -- is now
            serving with the Army in Germany.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

William Cloud - 1775 - 1846

William Cloud is my 4th Great Grandfather - twice!!  I'm descended from two of William Cloud's sons - both James Madison Cloud and Durgan Cloud.  There are more than twenty William Cloud's in my family tree!!  Holy Cow - apparently William Cloud was a popular name!

There is a lot of information written about William Cloud.  There are a few interesting facts about William.  First was that the town of Clouds Town, Madison County, Alabama was named for William Cloud.  He was one of the first settler's to this area in the 1820's - before the land was open for settlement.  Another interesting fact is that his last Will and Testament was settled in Alabama more than 40 years after his death!!

William Cloud's father is known to be Daniel Cloud.  It is not known who William Cloud's mother was.  We only know his father's name because William was mentioned in the last Will of his grandfather (so that would be my 6th Great Grandfather) William Cloud.  In that Will dated March 14th 1810 it stated "I give my grandson, William Cloud, son of Daniel, all my lands laying on the southside of Thorntree Creek, of which he is to possess at the death of my wife.".  The location of the land mentioned is in South Carolina, Fairfield County.  There is another blog site that covers this William Cloud and another line of descent.  Click here to view it.

It is presumed that William Cloud was born in 1775 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  It is also assumed he came from a long line of Quaker's that settled in Pennsylvania in the 1600's. 

There are William Cloud's found in the Federal Census records in 1800, 1810 and 1820 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  It is assumed that these records are for this William Cloud.

William Cloud was the first merchant in Cloud Town, Madison County, Alabama.  This town was later named Vienna and after the Civil War as New Hope.  It is believed that William and his family came to this area around 1827. 

William owned over 500 acres of farming land adjacent to the Tennessee River, between the mouths of the Flint and Paint Rock rivers.  This area is currently known as Clouds Cove.  There is also a mountain nearby called Cloud Mountain and a cemetery in the area named Cloud as well.  We can assume William was the origin of these names as well.

William Cloud married a Sarah around 1812 in South Carolina.  Sarah's surname is not known.

William can be found the 1830 Federal Census in Range 5, Madison County, Alabama.  Living with William is 1 male under the age of 5, 2 males age 10 to 14 (believed to be John E Cloud and Durgan M Cloud), 1 male age 15 to 19 (believed to be James Madison Cloud), 1 male age 50 to 59 (William), 1 female age 5 to 9 (believed to be Elizabeth Ann Cloud) and 12 slaves.  His wife Sarah must have passed away before 1830.  It is unknown whom the young male was but we can assume it was another son of William and Sarah.  Living next door is Tyrus Bell.  Tyrus is the husband of William's oldest daughter, Adeline Cloud.

The children of William and Sarah are:

1. Adeline Amelia Cloud - born about 1812 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies about 1880 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Marries Tyrus Bell.
2. John E Cloud - born about 1814 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies 1865 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Marries Sarah, last name unknown.
3. Durgan Cloud - born about 1815 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies 2 Oct 1879 in Bloomfied, Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Frances Ann Ashburn.
4. James Madison Cloud - born about 1818 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies 19 Dec 1862 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries 1st Louisa Marie Mann.  Marries 2nd Mary C Hammons.
5. Elizabeth Ann Cloud - born about 1825 in South Carolina, dies 1853 in Clouds Cove, Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Simon Turner.

William Cloud dies 4 Sep 1846 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.  His Will went into probate in both Tennessee and Alabama.  The Alabama Will remained in probate until 1888 when the property was finally sold and proceeds were given to his grandchildren.  The Will is below.

Last Will and Testament:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that I, William Cloud of Tennessee,
Davidson County, and late of Alabama, Madison County, knowing that all
men have to die,
and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will
and testament,
revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

In the first place I recommend my soul to God that gave it to me; and in the second place I wish to be decently buried and my funeral expenses paid, and in the third place I do appoint John B. Bosley, now of Mississippi, who resides above Natchez formerly of Davidson County and State of Tennessee my lawful Executor, and of whom I require no security.
ITEM THE FIRST. I do will and bequeath to John B. Bosley in trust for the benefit of Siller and her fore children; say, Narsey, Rufus, Aconey and William Francis and three others; say Nelson, Albert and David, The following slaves, namely Becky and her son, Ephraim, which slaves I am now possessed of, and I do trust and request my Executor in case their free papers is not sufficient to procure their freedom by removing them to a free state or otherwise.
ITEM THE SECOND. It is my wish that James M. Cloud have Mary Chains daughter for
living with, and taking care of me and managing my business for me till my death.
ITEM THE THIRD. I will and bequeath to Tyrus Bell, and my daughter Adeline his wife,
ITEM THE FOURTH. It is my will that all the property I possess, at my death that is not disposed of in this will, nor be disposed of by me before my death, that is in the State of
Tennessee remain therein for one year after my death, to be all together, in the care and
possession of my Executor, for the above named year, for which I have a particular reason,
best known to myself, and which will be made known at the expiration of the year above named. ITEM THE FIFTH. It is my will that all my property real and personal that I now own, or may be possessed of in the State of Alabama, Madison County, remain unsold for three years, unless my Executor can sell it for Ten Thousand Dollars, at one, two or three installment with good notes and securities, and a lien on the same till paid, and it is my wish that, if it is not sold till the expiration of the above named three years, that my heirs, say John E. Cloud, James M. Cloud, Durgan M. Cloud and Elizabeth Turner, live on my land until sold, or have the benefit of the same, and when sold it is my wish that John E. Cloud have Five dollars paid him, James M. Cloud have Five Dollars paid him, and Durgan M. Cloud have Five Dollars paid him, and Elizabeth Ann Turner have Five dollars paid her, and the balance of all my property whatever kind, I may have in the State of Alabama at my death I leave it to the children of John E. Cloud, James M. Cloud, Durgan M. Cloud and Elizabeth Ann Turner, that is not disposed of by me in this will, nor otherwise before my death, and when the land is sold and the money collected, I wish it put out at interest, having the same safely secured by a lean on Real Estate, that is clear of any encumbrance, for the use and benefit of the above named children, and to pay all expenses in carrying out my will, that may occur in any way whatever; and it is my will that the head of each family have Fifty Dollars, paid them yearly, for the support of their family, out of the money I leave their children, say John E. Cloud, Fifty Dollars, James M. Cloud, Fifty Dollars, Durgin M. Cloud, Fifty Dollars and Elizabeth Ann Turner, Fifty Dollars, till the half of the whole is spent, and the balance is to be safely secured for their children till they become of age, to
choose Guardians for themselves.
ITEM THE SIXTH. It is my will that old Becky live with any of my heirs that she may wish and not to be ruled by any of them, nor to be taken into the Division of my property, and should any of my heirs attempt to break my will, it is my will that they who may attempt it,
be cut off with Five dollars, alone, but I hope for the better.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day April 1846.

Josiah W. Stout
I. H. M. Hall
W. H. Bedford