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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hubbell Dilson Brown

Hubbell Dilson Brown is the 2nd Great Grand Uncle to my wife.

Hubbell was born in August of 1837 in the State of New York.  Hubbell is the eldest son of Odin Brown and Sally Stevens (possibly Leonard).

The first record found for Hubbell is the 1840 Federal Census.  This census finds the head of household, Odin Brown, listed with one male under the age of 5 - Hubbell.  The family resided in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio.  The first record listing Hubbell by name is the 1850 Federal Census.  Hubbell is now 13 years old and is living with his family in Boone, Boone County, Illinois.  His father's profession is farming.

Hubbell is again found in Boone, Boone County, Illinois in the 1860 Federal Census.  Hubbell marries Mary Louisa Jackson on 19 February 1864 in Boone County.  Hubbell then joins the Civil War as a 1st Sgt in Company B of the 153 IL US INF on 13 February 1865.  Hubbell is described as 27 years old, 5'8", black hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion.  He is listed as a farmer and a native of New York.  Hubbell mustered out only a few months later on 15 July 1865 in Cairo, IL.  Both the marriage record and Hubbell's service record can be found on the website www.cyberdriverillinois.com.

The 1870 Federal Census finds Hubbell with his wife, Louisa, and two young daughters, Ella and May, still residing in Boone, Boone County, Illinois.  Hubbell is a farmer with his property valued at $3000 and his personal property valued at $800.  Louisa's grandparents, Sally and Chris Gardner, are also residing with the Brown's.

The family still resides in Boone, Boone County, Illinois during the next Federal Census of 1880.  Four more children are added to the Brown brood, but one child, May Brown, is missing, presumably passed away prior to 1880.  Louisa's grandmother, Sally, is still residing with them.  Hubbell's profession is listed as blacksmith and farmer.

Sometime before 1888 the Brown family moves to Wyoming.  We know this because his daughter, Clare, is born in January of 1888 in Wyoming.  The family is next found in the 1900 Federal Census living in Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming.  This census notes that Hubbell and Mary Louisa have been married for 36 years.  It notes that Mary Louisa is the mother of ten children, 5 of which are still living.

The next record is the 1910 Federal Census and the family is still residing in Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming. The last record for Hubbell is his death record.  Hubbell passes away 27 September 1914 in Sundance.  He buried in the Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Hubbell Dilson Brown and Mary Louisa Jackson had the following children:

1. Ella Brown - born about 1866 in Illinois, death unknown.
2. May Brown - born about 1870 in Boone County, Illinois.  Death was before 1880.
3. Lena Hadaway Brown - born February 1871 in Boone County, Illinois.  Died after 1930.  Married Edgar Sanford.
4. Minnie E Brown - born February 1874 in Boone County, Illinois.  Died 9 September 1934 in Lawrence, South Dakota.  Married David Watson.
5. Mary Brown - born about 1877 in Boone County, Illinois.  Death unknown.
6. Odin Brown - born about 1879 in Boone County, Illinois.  Died 1890 in Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming.
7. Alvah F Brown - born about 1885.  Died 1890 in Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming.
8. Clara M Brown - born January 1888 in Wyoming.  Death unknown.  Married Thomas Joy.
9. Elsie Brown - born August 1890 in Wyoming. Death unknown.

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