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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cecil M Brown

Cecil M Brown is the eldest daughter of Odin Brown and Sally Stevens.  She is my wife's 2nd Great Grand Aunt. Cecil was born in 1839 in state of New York.  By 1840 the family is living in Turnbull, OH where Cecil is listed as the female under the age of 5 in the 1840 Federal Census.

The 1850 Federal Census finds the family living in Bonus, Boone County, Illinois.  The family is farming and own their land valued at $400.  Cecil is 11 years old and it is noted that she is attending school.

Ten years later in the 1860 Federal Census Cecil is still attending school at the age of 21.  I would assume it to be secondary education of some kind, or possibly she is teaching?  She is still residing with her parents who are still farming.  The family land is now valued at $3500 and personal belongings are valued at $600.  The are now residing in Boone Township, Boone County, Illinois.  There is a marriage record that can be found at http://www.ilsos.gov/isavital/marriagesrch.jsp that shows that Cecil married Tobias Stansbury Stevenson on 31 March, 1855, in Boone County.  Where was Tobias in 1860?  The other odd thing, as can be noted in the next Federal Census of 1870, is that there were two daughters born to Tobias and Cecil around 1857 and 1859 (Ida and Francis).  If Cecil was living with her parents - where were her daughters?  It's possible that Cecil's family listed her even though she was not living there.  In this census she is only noted as C M Brown - it's possible that this may be the first wife of her brother, Hubbel, as he was still living at home also.  I am unable to find Tobias or either daughter in the 1860 Federal Census anywhere.

The 1870 Federal Census finds Cecil living with her husband, Tobias, and three children; Ida age 13, Francis age 11, and Nellie age 4.  They are residing in Bonus, Boone County, Illinois.  The family is farming and own their land valued at $2500.  They have personal belongings valued at $1300.  The two eldest daughters are attending school.  This is the last record found for Cecil.

Cecil passes away 17 November 1877.  She is buried in the East Bonus Cemetery in Bonus, Boone County, Illinois.

Cecil M Brown and Tobias Stansbury Stevenson had the following children:

1. Ida E Stevenson - born about 1857 in Illinois.  Died 8 June 1883 in Bonus, Boone County, Illinois.  Never married.
2. Francis Stevenson - born about 1859 in Illinois.  Died 18 April 1880 in Bonus, Boone County, Illinois.  Never married.
3. Nellie Irene Stevenson - born 16 July 1865 in Illinois. Died 4 April 1940 in Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois.  Married William Franklin.
4. Blanche Stevenson - born March 1871 in Illinois.  Death unknown.  Married James Galus.

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