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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nehemiah Charles

Nehemiah Charles was born 18 April 1803 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine.  He was the fifth child born to Joseph Charles and Dorothy Abbott.

We know that Nehemiah was married in the year 1830 because of the obituary of his wife, Anna Maria Langdon, in the state of New York.

The first record found for Nehemiah is the 1850 Federal Census taken in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  Mr. Charles has real estate valued at $400 and he is farming.  From this record we confirm his birth state of Maine.  We can also ascertain approximately when he moved from the state of New York, where he wed Anna, to Michigan by the birth states of his children.  His youngest in this record, Albion, was born in Michigan and is 4 years old.  His next youngest child, Wallace, is 7 years old and was born in New York.  So the Charles' moved sometime between 1843 and 1846 to Michigan.  I believe I read that Nehemiah and his family moved to Ionia County in the year 1844 with his sister Sarah Walker Charles' family (husband Chauncey Conkey).  I can't find the article that I believe I read this in.

Note: The eldest child found living in the 1850 Federal Census is Paul Charles, born 1832, in New York.  I make note of this for two reasons.  First, is that birth date confirms the obituary account of the approximate marriage year of Nehemiah in 1830.  Second, it is believed, from the information from another researcher, that Nehemiah's eldest son was actually Abner, born about 1823 in New York.  In order for Abner to be the son of Nehemiah would mean that Abner is not the son of Anna Maria Langdon.  Anna's obituary makes no mention of Abner.  I have not been able to find an obituary for Nehemiah - or of Abner, his supposed son.  I have not been able to confirm Abner's relation either way - if we look at paper proof (census records, obituary) it would lead one to assume that Abner is not related as he is never mentioned.

The 1860 Federal Census still finds the family farming in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  The real estate is now valued at $2000 and personal belongings at $800.  The 1870 Federal Census also finds the family in a similar situation.  It's interesting to note in the 1870 record that the eldest son, Paul, is still residing with his parents at the age of 38.  It's also interesting to note that both Nehemiah and his son, Paul, are noted with real estate values, yet residing together.  Nehemiah's value is $3500 and Paul's real estate value is $5400.  Living next door in 1870 is another son, William, on his own farm valued at $3200.

The family is still farming and living in North Plains in the next census of 1880.

Nehemiah passes away 23 September 1888, he is 85 years of age when he dies.  He is buried in the North Plains Cemetery.  No photo available at this time.

Nehemiah Charles and Anna Maria Langdon had the following children:

1. Abner Charles (mother unknown) (possibly not related) - born about 1823 in New York.  Marries first Charlotte (surname unknown) and second Jane (surname unknown).  Death date unknown but would be after 1880.
2. Paul Langdon Charles - born 16 February 1832 in New York. Dies 15 November 1911 in North Plains, Ionia County, New York.  Marries Addie Wilder.
3. Miranda L(Langdon?) Charles - born 9 November 1833 in New York.  Dies 11 March 1917 in Ionia County, Michigan.  Marries Dolphus Kneeland.
4. Mary Ann Charles - born 15 March 1835 in Wethersfield, Wyoming County, New  York.  Dies 1 June 1911 in Muir, Ionia County, New York. Marries John Henry Stevens.
5. Jane A Charles - born October 1837 in New York. Dies after 1910.  Never married.
6. William F Charles - born July 1840 in New York.  Dies 29 February 1924 in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  Marries Nancy Dalzell.
7. Wallace Charles - born September 1843 in New York.  Dies after 1920.  Marries Mary Elizabeth Marsh.
8. Albion Charles - born November 1846 in Michigan.  Dies after 1910.  Never married.

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