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Sunday, March 17, 2013

John Joseph Charles

Ahhh....finally the last of the Charles' children!  Big family!  John Joseph Charles is the youngest child born to Joseph Charles and Dorthea Abbott.  John was born 7 August 1823 in Wethersfield, Wyoming County, New York.

It is assumed he can be found in both the 1830 and 1840 Federal Census's, not by name, but by age and gender, living at home with his parents.  They resided in Wethersfield, New York.

John's whereabouts during the next two federal census's is unknown.  He eldest daughter, Clara, was born in the State of New York in 1856, so we know he remained in New York through that time period.  His second eldest child, Ida Lucy Charles, was born in Michigan in 1859.  So, like many of the Charles', John moved his family West to Michigan.

The first record with John's name on it is the 1870 Federal Census.  This record finds the family living in Antwerp, Van Buren County, Michigan.  John is a farm laborer.  His married to Maria (surname unknown), and has 5 children living at home.  They were Clara, Ida, Eleanor, Augustus and Eddie.  John is land owner, his property is valued at $400, and her personal property is valued at $150.  in the next census record of 1880, except for the addition of two more children, Louis and Willard, everything remains the same.

John Joseph Charles dies 23 September 1907 in Montcalm County, Michigan, of old age.  Copy of his death certificate is below.

John Joseph Charles and Maria (unknown) had the following children:

1. Clara Charles - born 1856 in New York.  Death unknown.  Marriage unknown.
2. Ida Lucy Charles - born 1858 in Michigan.  Died 1951 in Calhoun County, Michigan.  Married Jesse Milks.
3. Ellen Charles - born about 1862 in Michigan.  Death unknown.  Marriage unknown.
4. Augustus H Charles - born May 1864 in Michigan.  Died 1950 in Reynolds, Montcalm County, Michigan.  Married Minnie Engelman.
5. Eddie A Charles - born October 1866 in Michigan.  Died 1943 in Montcalm County, Michigan.  Married Millie Engelman.
6. Louis J Charles - born 14 August 1872 in Van Buren County, Michigan.  Died 1956 in Calhoun County, Michigan.  Married Wilma Trubey.
7. Willard J Charles - born about 1876 in Michigan.  Death unknown. Marriage unknown.

After creating this blog I can see that I have no real proof that John Joseph Charles is the son of Joseph Charles and Dorthea Abbott, at least no paper proof.  His age fits with the 1830 and 1840 census records for Joseph's household.  If anyone can provide any paper proof, please contact me!

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