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Monday, May 30, 2011

Durgan M Cloud

Durgan M Cloud is my 3rd Great Grandfather and the brother of another 3rd Great Grandfather, James Madison Cloud.

Durgan was born around 1815 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  Durgan is the son of William Cloud and Sarah (unknown).

Durgan is most likely in the 1830 and 1840 Federal Censuses with his father William Cloud.  Only the head of household is listed but a male of Durgan's age is in both records.

The first record we find for Durgan, under his name, is a marriage record in Madison County, Alabama.  Durgan marries Frances Ann Ashburn.  They marry 1 September 1842.  Frances is the daughter of Byrd Ashburn and Betsy Paten.

Durgan is farming during the next Federal Census of 1850.  They still reside in Madison County - it is noted as District 35, but we know this area to be Cloud's Cove.  They now have 4 children living with them, William J., Adaline, James W., and Sarah C.  Also living with them is a 21 year old farmer - James McCoye - relation, if any, unknown.

The 1860 Federal Census finds the family in the same location.  The value of land is $3300 and value of personal property is $200.  He now has nine children living with him.

In January of 1861 the southern states, including Alabama seceded, from the United States and became part of the Confederate States.  A lot damage was done to the northern part of Alabama during the war, including the town where the Cloud's lived, Vienna, being burned to the ground.  It appears during 1864 the Union army occupied northern Alabama.  Durgan, along with his brother, John, signed an oath to the Union army.  See a short description below:

On the oath form that John signed, he was described as being of ruddy complexion,
having dark hair and grey eyes; he was also five feet and nine inches high.  Incidentally, his
brother Durgan's Oath that was processed at the same time, reflects a similar description;
except he was six feet tall.

Even though the Cloud brothers signed the oath it does not appear they were faithful to the Union.  They were both arrested in 1864 and imprisoned.  See a letter below regarding their arrest.


Note: Following is a copy of a photocopy of a hand written document received from the
National Archives. A few  changes have been made in format, punctuation and spelling;
otherwise, it a true copy of the original.

                                                       * * * 

Head Quarters, Co. F, 13th Wis.
Clarksville, Ala.,

                                                                                         July 22nd 1864
Captain Garduen
A. A. G. Decatur, Ala. 


          Herewith I forward to Hd. Qu. two prisoners, the Messers Cloud, citizens of
Madison Co. Ala. One of them lives within one mile of my camp. The other nearly 2 miles.

          I heard hard reports concerning them when I first came in on the river. They assured
me that they were willing to take the Oath and live in accordance with the same. I sent them
to Clarksville and the Provost Marshall administered it. 

          I have had my eye on them since and have now abundant evidence against them.
They took the oath I ascertained last winter and afterwards went over the river, or was driven
over by a Union Scout Ben Harris. While over on that side they were with Johnson at times
and soon after he crossed, they followed him. 

           I trust Captain that these men may be dealt with as they deserve. They will use oily
language and appear innocent as may be, but they are dangerous men to be in the vicinity of
our camp. 

           They report every thing they hear to Johnson's band. Last night five of said gang
was at the house of D. Cloud. I have had to destroy rafts and canoes twice since I came here
on John Cloud's place. I have taken the Oaths from them and enclose the same.

            Not knowing who was Judge Advocate, I addressed this to you thinking that it
would receive attention sooner. The witnesses all live near my camp, except W. W. Mann,
who is now in Govt. Employ. at Huntsville, Ala. driving ambulances.

Respectfully Yours  O. C.
                                                                                      (Signed)  S. S. Hart
                                                                                     Capt. Co. F, 13th Wis.

We do know that Durgan made it out alive after being imprisoned during the war.  We find Durgan next in 1870 Federal Census.  There is no valuation of his land and his personal property is valued at $100.  It appears the war definately had an effect on the Cloud's financially.  Durgan, passes away 2 October 1879 in Bloomsfield, Madison County, Alabama.  Francis was still living in the 1880 Census - I'm not sure when she passes away as I cannot find her in any records after 1880.

Durgan M Cloud and Frances Ann Ashburn had the following children:

1. William Jackson Cloud - born Aug 1843 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 12 Jun 1915 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries (first) Mary B. Bush.  Marries (second) Jennie Bell.  Marries (third) Fran C. Vann.
2. Adaline P Cloud - born May 1845 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 1904 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Montgomery Mitchell.
3. James Madison Cloud - born Mar 1847 in Madison County, Alabama. Death is unknown.  Marries (first) Frances (Fannie) Lemley.  Marries (second) Louisa Wiley.
4. Sarah Catherine Cloud - born about 1849 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death is unknown.  It is believe she marries (first) to a Mr. Ashburn.  Marries (second) William Robert Dickey.
5. John Arthur Cloud - born 16 Jun 1853 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 1904 likely in Limestone County, Alabama.  Marries Nancy M Stewart.
6. Martha Ann Cloud - born about 1853 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death is unknown but is after 1920.  Never marries.
7. Durgan Monroe Cloud - born Feb 1856 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies 16 May 1940 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.  Marries (first) Ellen Dunn.  Marries (second) Sallie Doggett.
8. Julia Ann Cloud - born about 1857 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death is unknown. Marries (first) David Benge.  Marries (second) George C Lemley.
9. Waddy S Cloud - born about 1857 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies after 1910 but before 1920.  Marries a cousin, Martha Ellen Cloud.
10. Walter D Cloud - born 27 Mar 1862 in Madison County, Alabama.  Dies Feb 1939 in Marshall County, Alabama.  Marries Louise Callie McKinney.

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