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Saturday, May 7, 2011

William Cloud - 1775 - 1846

William Cloud is my 4th Great Grandfather - twice!!  I'm descended from two of William Cloud's sons - both James Madison Cloud and Durgan Cloud.  There are more than twenty William Cloud's in my family tree!!  Holy Cow - apparently William Cloud was a popular name!

There is a lot of information written about William Cloud.  There are a few interesting facts about William.  First was that the town of Clouds Town, Madison County, Alabama was named for William Cloud.  He was one of the first settler's to this area in the 1820's - before the land was open for settlement.  Another interesting fact is that his last Will and Testament was settled in Alabama more than 40 years after his death!!

William Cloud's father is known to be Daniel Cloud.  It is not known who William Cloud's mother was.  We only know his father's name because William was mentioned in the last Will of his grandfather (so that would be my 6th Great Grandfather) William Cloud.  In that Will dated March 14th 1810 it stated "I give my grandson, William Cloud, son of Daniel, all my lands laying on the southside of Thorntree Creek, of which he is to possess at the death of my wife.".  The location of the land mentioned is in South Carolina, Fairfield County.  There is another blog site that covers this William Cloud and another line of descent.  Click here to view it.

It is presumed that William Cloud was born in 1775 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  It is also assumed he came from a long line of Quaker's that settled in Pennsylvania in the 1600's. 

There are William Cloud's found in the Federal Census records in 1800, 1810 and 1820 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  It is assumed that these records are for this William Cloud.

William Cloud was the first merchant in Cloud Town, Madison County, Alabama.  This town was later named Vienna and after the Civil War as New Hope.  It is believed that William and his family came to this area around 1827. 

William owned over 500 acres of farming land adjacent to the Tennessee River, between the mouths of the Flint and Paint Rock rivers.  This area is currently known as Clouds Cove.  There is also a mountain nearby called Cloud Mountain and a cemetery in the area named Cloud as well.  We can assume William was the origin of these names as well.

William Cloud married a Sarah around 1812 in South Carolina.  Sarah's surname is not known.

William can be found the 1830 Federal Census in Range 5, Madison County, Alabama.  Living with William is 1 male under the age of 5, 2 males age 10 to 14 (believed to be John E Cloud and Durgan M Cloud), 1 male age 15 to 19 (believed to be James Madison Cloud), 1 male age 50 to 59 (William), 1 female age 5 to 9 (believed to be Elizabeth Ann Cloud) and 12 slaves.  His wife Sarah must have passed away before 1830.  It is unknown whom the young male was but we can assume it was another son of William and Sarah.  Living next door is Tyrus Bell.  Tyrus is the husband of William's oldest daughter, Adeline Cloud.

The children of William and Sarah are:

1. Adeline Amelia Cloud - born about 1812 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies about 1880 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Marries Tyrus Bell.
2. John E Cloud - born about 1814 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies 1865 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Marries Sarah, last name unknown.
3. Durgan Cloud - born about 1815 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies 2 Oct 1879 in Bloomfied, Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Frances Ann Ashburn.
4. James Madison Cloud - born about 1818 in Fairfield County, South Carolina, dies 19 Dec 1862 in Madison County, Alabama.  Marries 1st Louisa Marie Mann.  Marries 2nd Mary C Hammons.
5. Elizabeth Ann Cloud - born about 1825 in South Carolina, dies 1853 in Clouds Cove, Madison County, Alabama.  Marries Simon Turner.

William Cloud dies 4 Sep 1846 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.  His Will went into probate in both Tennessee and Alabama.  The Alabama Will remained in probate until 1888 when the property was finally sold and proceeds were given to his grandchildren.  The Will is below.

Last Will and Testament:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that I, William Cloud of Tennessee,
Davidson County, and late of Alabama, Madison County, knowing that all
men have to die,
and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will
and testament,
revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

In the first place I recommend my soul to God that gave it to me; and in the second place I wish to be decently buried and my funeral expenses paid, and in the third place I do appoint John B. Bosley, now of Mississippi, who resides above Natchez formerly of Davidson County and State of Tennessee my lawful Executor, and of whom I require no security.
ITEM THE FIRST. I do will and bequeath to John B. Bosley in trust for the benefit of Siller and her fore children; say, Narsey, Rufus, Aconey and William Francis and three others; say Nelson, Albert and David, The following slaves, namely Becky and her son, Ephraim, which slaves I am now possessed of, and I do trust and request my Executor in case their free papers is not sufficient to procure their freedom by removing them to a free state or otherwise.
ITEM THE SECOND. It is my wish that James M. Cloud have Mary Chains daughter for
living with, and taking care of me and managing my business for me till my death.
ITEM THE THIRD. I will and bequeath to Tyrus Bell, and my daughter Adeline his wife,
ITEM THE FOURTH. It is my will that all the property I possess, at my death that is not disposed of in this will, nor be disposed of by me before my death, that is in the State of
Tennessee remain therein for one year after my death, to be all together, in the care and
possession of my Executor, for the above named year, for which I have a particular reason,
best known to myself, and which will be made known at the expiration of the year above named. ITEM THE FIFTH. It is my will that all my property real and personal that I now own, or may be possessed of in the State of Alabama, Madison County, remain unsold for three years, unless my Executor can sell it for Ten Thousand Dollars, at one, two or three installment with good notes and securities, and a lien on the same till paid, and it is my wish that, if it is not sold till the expiration of the above named three years, that my heirs, say John E. Cloud, James M. Cloud, Durgan M. Cloud and Elizabeth Turner, live on my land until sold, or have the benefit of the same, and when sold it is my wish that John E. Cloud have Five dollars paid him, James M. Cloud have Five Dollars paid him, and Durgan M. Cloud have Five Dollars paid him, and Elizabeth Ann Turner have Five dollars paid her, and the balance of all my property whatever kind, I may have in the State of Alabama at my death I leave it to the children of John E. Cloud, James M. Cloud, Durgan M. Cloud and Elizabeth Ann Turner, that is not disposed of by me in this will, nor otherwise before my death, and when the land is sold and the money collected, I wish it put out at interest, having the same safely secured by a lean on Real Estate, that is clear of any encumbrance, for the use and benefit of the above named children, and to pay all expenses in carrying out my will, that may occur in any way whatever; and it is my will that the head of each family have Fifty Dollars, paid them yearly, for the support of their family, out of the money I leave their children, say John E. Cloud, Fifty Dollars, James M. Cloud, Fifty Dollars, Durgin M. Cloud, Fifty Dollars and Elizabeth Ann Turner, Fifty Dollars, till the half of the whole is spent, and the balance is to be safely secured for their children till they become of age, to
choose Guardians for themselves.
ITEM THE SIXTH. It is my will that old Becky live with any of my heirs that she may wish and not to be ruled by any of them, nor to be taken into the Division of my property, and should any of my heirs attempt to break my will, it is my will that they who may attempt it,
be cut off with Five dollars, alone, but I hope for the better.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day April 1846.

Josiah W. Stout
I. H. M. Hall
W. H. Bedford

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