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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle, brother of my 3rd Great Grandmother, Louisa Marie Mann.  Thomas is the eldest son of William Mann and Lucinda McKinney.

The first record is believed to be the 1840 Federal Census in Madison County, Alabama.  The names of children were not listed but he is believed to be the only male child living in the home.

The next record is the 1850 Federal Census.  Thomas is living at home in District 35, Madison County, Alabama.  His profession is listed as farmer and his birth state is listed as Tennessee.

Thomas marries Matilda Ann Gibson 2 July 1855.  Thomas would have been around 25 years old at the time of this marriage.  The couple is found in the 1860 Federal Census living in the Southeastern Division, Madison County, Alabama.  They are living with Matilda's parents, Thomas Phelps Gibson and Elizabeth Lee.  Thomas' profession is now listed as fisherman, that is also the profession of his new father in law, Thomas Gibson.  The census lists that he has personal property valued at $100.  Thomas and Matilda have two children living in 1860, John and Davis.

By the 1870 Federal Census Thomas must have given up on fishing as a profession because his profession is now listed at a farmer.  They are living in Township 6, Range 1, District 50, Madison County, Alabama.  It appears that they are living with Thomas' mother, Lucinda Mann, even though Thomas is listed as the head of household.  This is assumed because it is next Lucinda's name where the value of the property is listed, that value was $300 in 1870.  Thomas' sister Mary is also living there.  His mother in law, Elizabeth Gibson is also living here, now a widow.  Thomas most likely moved home to manage the farm after his father's death around the year 1870.  He now has three children, John, Davis and William.  Also living with the family is nine years old John Cloud.  It is  not known which Cloud family he fits in but he is most likely related somehow.  Thomas sister, Louisa, had married James Madison Cloud.  Louisa had passed away in 1853 - could this John Cloud be Louisa's son?

The last record found for Thomas Mann is the 1880 Federal Census.  He is living in Beat 19, District 228, Madison County, Alabama.  In this census he is listed ad T M Mann.  Also living there are his wife, shown as M A Mann, and two sons; D P (Davis Prescott) and W T (William).  It is believed the family living next door, head being J A Mann, is his eldest son John.  Thomas' profession is again listed as farmer.

It is not known when Thomas passes away.  His widow is found in the 1900 Federal Census so we do know that he does pass away prior to 1900.

Thomas Mann and Matilda Ann Gibson has the following children:

1. John A Mann - born about 1858 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown.  Married someone with the initials M F - last name unknown.
2. Davis Prescott Mann - born July 1859 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died in 1914 in Madison County, Alabama.  Married Matilda Hornbuckle.
3. William T Mann - born about 1866 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown.  Believed to have married Mary Clark.

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