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Friday, December 30, 2011

Anna Maria Balderston

Anna Maria Balderston is my wife's 2nd Great Grand Aunt.

Anna is the 9th born child to Stephen Balderston and the 4th child of his second wife, Mary Brenn.

Anna was born 14 July 1869 in Magnolia, Putnam County, Illinois.  The first record found for Anna is the 1870 Federal Census.  She is living with parents, Stephen and Mary, along with one older brother, Joseph.  Stephen's profession is listed as laborer and the value of his assets is $200.

The next record, the 1880 Federal Census, finds the family in Greenbush Township, Warren County, Illinois.  Anna is noted as attending school.  Her father's profession is now a carpenter.

Anna married James Abner Jennings in 1892.  This is taken from the 1900 Federal Census.  This census finds Anna with husband Abner and five children.  It notes that she is the mother of 5 children and all are still living. They are living in Prairie City Township, McDonough County, Illinois.  Abner is a day laborer.  They are renting their home.  Abner's parents are living on the following page of census, they are family number 64, where as Abner's is 54.

The 1910 Federal Census finds the family has moved again.  They are now in Swan Township, Warren County, Illinois.  Abner is now a farmer.  He is still renting his home.  They now have six children living at home.  The photo below is believed to be taken around 1910. The name on the mailbox is A Jennings - so I assume he went by his middle name of Abner, which is confirmed by the census. The oldest daughter would be Blanche Jennings and the youngest being Ruby Jennings. Ruby was born in 1903 so I would guess this photo was taken around 1910 in Illinois. Seeing as the oldest son was born in 1892 I assume he is the one missing since there are only three boys in the photo - as he would be 18 years old. Maybe he was the one taking the photograph? So the eldest boy in the photograph would be Earl Harold Jennings, assuming the missing boy is Walter. It's hard to tell an age difference in the other two boys, them being Elmer and Chester.

The family has moved again by 1920 but by this time they are now homeowners.  They are now living in Macomb City Township, McDonough County, Illinois.  Abner is still farming.

Abner and Anna are finally empty nesters in the 1930 Federal Census.  They are still residing in Macomb City Township, McDonough County, Illinois.  Abner is still farming.  He is renting his home now.

Anna Maria Balderston Jennings passes away on 21 May 1947, she would have been 77 years old.  She is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois.  Headstone picture below.

Anna and Abner had the following children:

1. Walter Jennings - born 11 April 1892 in Warren County, Illinois.  Died 29 April 1971 in San Diego, San Diego County, Illinois.  Married Callie, last name unknown.
2. Earl Harold Jennings - born 28 November 1894 in Avon, Warren County, Illinois.  Died 2 June 1980 in Augusta, Hancock County, Illinois.  Married Lura Edna Waller.
3. Blanche Jennings - born August 1896 in Illinois.  Died 1966 in McDonough County, Illinois.  Married Samuel Hendrickson.
4. Elmer Francis Jennings - born 22 October 1898 in Illinois.  Died July 1980 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois.  Marriage unknown.
5. Chester Jennings - born 14 February 1900 in Prairie City Township, McDonough County, Illinois.  Died May 1981 in Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois.  Married Lucy Bell Strickland.
6. Ruby Elvina Jennings - born 4 July 1902 in Prairie City Township, McDonough County, Illinois.  Died 18 January 2007 in Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois.  Married George W Killingsworth.

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