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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Matilda Mann

Matilda Mann is my 3rd Great Grand Aunt.  She is the sister of my 3rd Great Grandmother, Louisa Marie Mann.

Matilda was born about 1837 in Tennessee.  Her parents are William Mann and Lucinda McKinney.

The first record found for Matilda Mann is the 1850 Federal Census.  She is living in District 35, Madison County, Alabama with her parents and siblings.  Matilda is 13 years old in this census but the census indicates that she has not attended school within the last year.  Her older siblings have attended school.  It is unknown why Matilda did not.

A marriage record can be found in Madison County dated 2 February 1855 for Matilda Mann.  It is believed that this record is for this Matilda.  She marries a James Gibson.

The next record found for Matilda is the 1860 Federal Census in Madison County, Alabama.  This census finds Matilda married to James Gibson with two young children, George and Mary.  Matilda is living two houses away from her parents, William and Lucinda, next door to her sister and her husband, William Gibson and Ann Mann, next door to her grandparents, Thomas and Jane McKinney.  Her husband's profession is a fisherman.  There is no value noted for real estate or personal property.  It is not noted that Matilda cannot read or write, so we can assume that she can so she must have went to school after the age of 13.

The 1870 Federal Census still finds the family living in Madison County, Alabama.  They are still living next door to her sister, Ann, and her husband William Gibson.  They now have five children living at home.  James' profession has changed from fisherman to farmer.

The last record found for Matilda finds the family living in Union, Lee County, Arkansas.  This is the 1880 Federal Census.  The family is still farming.

It is unknown when or where Matilda passes away.

Matilda Mann and James Gibson had the following children:

1. Mary Gibson - born about 1856 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown (after 1870).  Marriage unknown.
2. George Gibson - born about 1859 in Madison County, Alabama. Death unknown (after 1870). Marriage unknown.
3. Susan Gibson - born about 1862 in Madison County, Alabama. Death unknown (after 1880). Marriage unknown.
4. Miles H Gibson - born May 1865 in Madison County, Alabama. Death unknown (after 1900). Marriage unknown.
5. Thomas Calvin Gibson - born February 1869 in Madison County, Alabama.  Died about 1903 in Texas. Married (1st) Semiramus Taylor.  Married (2nd) Eva.
6. Margaret Gibson - born about 1874 in Alabama.  Death unknown (after 1880). Marriage unknown.
7. Fanny L Gibson - born about 1876 in Alabama.  Death unknown (after 1880). Marriage unknown.

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