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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara

Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara would be the 2nd Great Grandparents to my wife, Krista Ann Vorlicky, and the 3rd Great Grandparents to my children.  Vaclav and Antonia's parents are unknown. Vaclav and Antonia were born in Bohemia according to the ship manifest when the family emigrated to the United States in 1879.  The Vorlicky's would have emigrated through Castle Gardens in the Port of New York.

I had thought the Vaclav and family came in through Baltimore, MD but when I sat down to write this blog I was looking at the whole document online at Ancestry.com and noticed something wrong.  On the last page of the list of passengers it listed a different ship and that the origin was Liverpool, England.  Huh.  Something didn't fit because the document stated the origin was Bremer, Germany. So I backed the document up to page one - the front page had the origin as Bremer, Germany...but..wait....the destination of document, Port of New York!    So I believe this document is incorrectly catalogued on the site.  It should New York - not Baltimore.  See picture below from page one.

So Vaclav, Antonia and family came over to the United States in the year 1879, I believe.  There is also no date on the above document, the date on the record is for the ship that went to Baltimore!  In the next picture, a screenshot of the ships manifest, it shows Vaclav's first name as Wenzl.  I'm not sure if this is a language barrier issue or if he might have gone by Wenzl also.  The remaining members of the family fits - so I believe this record to be correct.

The Vorlicky's traveled to the United States on the ship S.S. Leizpig.  This ship was described as the German Dreamship on the document above.  Coming to the U.S. with Vaclav was his wife Antonia Kaspara and his children Joseph, Francisca and Maria.  Vaclav and Antonia would have been married sometime prior to 1861, most likely in Czechoslovakia area. Vaclav was a farmer and his destination was Minnesota.  Most likely Vaclav was meeting other family members here, or maybe relatives of his wifes's.  There are other Vorlicky's in Minnesota but I have been unable to determine a link to them.  Here is the ship they would have traveled on.

The next document we find Vaclav and Antonia in the 1880 Census.  They are now residing in Hutchinson, McLeod, Minnesota.  The same members that emigrated to the U.S. are still living with Vaclav and Antonia.  Daughter Maria is now listed as Adna.  His occupation is farmer.

We find Vaclav next in the Minnesota State Census for 1885, he is still in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota.  No occupations are listed in this State census.  Their older children Joseph and Francisca, have moved out.  The youngest is now listed as Anna.

Sometime between 1885 and 1895 Antonia passes away. We assume this because the next record we find for Vaclav is the 1895 Minnesota State Census and Antonia is no longer with him.  Vaclav is living with his son Joseph and his family.  They are now in Northlands, Polk County, Minnesota. 

Vaclav passes away in 1899 in Tabor, Polk County, Minnesota.  His headstone is located in the Tabor Presbyterian Cemetery in Tabor.  He has a joint headstone with his granddaughter, Emma Vorlicky.  I have requested a picture from Find A Grave - I will post it when I get it.  Here is the only photograph that I know of for Vaclav.

During their life Vaclav and Antonia have the following children:  ( I was thinking I had a birth record for another child born in Minnesota but I can't find one so I'm not sure about that)

1. Joseph Vorlicky - born about 1861 in Bohemia, died 3 Sep 1936 in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  Marries Josephine Dostal.
2. Francisca (Fanny) Vorlicky - born 24 Jan 1863 in Bohemia, died 14 Jan 1940 in Hickory Township, Pennington County, Minnesota.  Marries Frank Zavoral.
3. Anna Maria Vorlicky - born 1875 in Bohemia. Her death date is unknown but it is believe that she died in the Portland, Oregon area.  She married Frank W. Wetherbee.

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