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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome to my....Family Pursuit!

Hello.  This will be my first official post to my new blogger site.  I will be learning as I go - so please be patient with me! 

I will trying to update this page daily.  We'll see how that goes.  My goal is to share family history information - in all of the various branches that I touch.  I will, of course, start with the ones closest to me.  I would hope that anyone linked to these branches would put their comments in, validate any of  my assumptions, and give me some encouragement.

So, let's answer a few basic questions first. 

Why?  I'm not sure I can answer that question.  I really want to do it so 'lost' relations can be found again.  Finding people that I am related to is very gratifying - I'm not sure why.  It's like putting together a life size puzzle - where the pieces are scattered across the States and even overseas.  I've always enjoyed puzzles - this is just a never ending puzzle!

When / how did this start?  I never had any interest in family history until the Summer of 2001 when my wife and I were building our second house.  Our first house had sold in two weeks (yep, pretty sure we didn't ask the right price!) and we hadn't yet broke ground on the second house.  So, we packed all of our belongings into a storage unit and moved in with my Mom.  During this stay with my Mom she mentioned a cousin stating that we were related to Chief Quanah Parker - and she also mentioned that she had heard, while growing up, that we were also related to the 'hanging judge' Parker in Texas.  The Indian link instantly sparked my curiosity - and my passion for genealogy was born!  I will get to specifics on those stories in later posts.  But that is the how and when it all started.

All I ask from you, the reader, is that you give me a little encouragement along the way.  If you see something that I have stated incorrectly - please let me know.  If you are related to the families I post about - let me know!!  If you can add any knowledge - be sure to let me know!

I think I will end this for now!  I will post again soon!

Steven Ray Gunter....yep that's me!


  1. Love the name you picked for your blog! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Cool. Glad you are able to comment...and thanks for following!!

  3. just checking to see if i can post a comment now.haven't been able.trying to sign in.

  4. OK!I got it now Steve.Had breakfast with Nancy and your blog site was one of the topics of our conversation.We both are pleased that you step up to the plate and done this.Your's and Nancy passion for ancestry are equal.She regrets she doesn't have the time that she would like to have to put into it.(you're blessed)I have the time, but not the skills.I'll be in the back ground watching your progress and blogging when I can.When I get it figured out I'll join the followers and try to sent a picture.Wishing you the best with it......Max

  5. Max - glad to see you on here!! I'm looking foward to getting everything put together and sharing with everyone!

  6. Welcome to the geneablogging community. Looking forward to hearing about your pursuits.

  7. Hi,
    My name is sue Pedersen-Hand and my dad is Rodger Pedersen. My dads great grandfather was Hubbell Brown. We were wondering what descent Mary Louisa was? She looks native American!

    1. Since you are anonymous not sure you will see my response? Anyway I don't have any pictures of Mary Louisa - can you provide a picture? I'll look at her line and see if I can see any proof of indian.