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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sarah Elizabeth Cloud

Sarah Elizabeth Cloud is my Great Great Grandmother.

Sarah was born 5 May 1847 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.  Her parents were James Madison Cloud and Louis Marie Mann. 

The first census we find Sarah in is the 1850 Census in Madison County, Alabama.  She is living with her parents and younger sister, Louisa.  Living next door is the William Mann family (wife Lucinda - possible last name McKinney) - these are Louisa's parents.  Living next door on the other side is the Durgan Cloud family - we will also link into this family later in the family line via Elizabeth Ellen Cloud - who marries one of Sarah's sons.  Sarah's father is a first cousin to Durgan.  Two doors down on the other side of the Mann family is Thomas and Jane McKinney.  It is in this McKinney household that we will find Sarah's future husband in ten years later in the 1860 Census.  It is thought that Thomas and Jane might be the parents of Lucinda - who is married to William Mann.  It is unknown what Thomas and Jane's relationship to Sarah's future husband, George Parker, is.

Sarah's mother, Louisa, dies at the young age of 24 in 1853 in Madison County.  By that time Sarah's younger sister, Louisa has passed away as well as another young sibling, Maria.  There is one other surviving sibling of Sarah's though, William Adrain Cloud.  William is only one year old when his mother passes away.  The same year that Sarah's mother passes away her father remarries a Mary Hammond.  It is with Mary and James that we find Sarah with in the 1860 Census.  By 1860 Sarah has two new half siblings born to Mary Hammond and James Madison Cloud.  They are James Madison Cloud Jr and Martha Ellen Cloud.  There are a few other extra children in the household - that I don't have on my list of family.  There is Ellick who is 15 years old, Martha and William who are both 1 years old.  There are all Cloud's - I just didn't have them listed in the family notes.  I will need to research further who these children are.  I would assume that Martha and William, both age 1, are also the children of Mary and James.  Ellick can found on some other family trees online and listed as 'adopted'.  I need to confirm these.

Sarah marries George Washington Parker 16 April 1865 in Madison County, Alabama.  When we find Sarah next in the 1870 Census she has two children born to her,  Louisa Jane Parker and James Madison Parker. By 1880 they are still in Madison County.  Louisa Jane has passed away.  James, as well as new children, William, Elizabeth and George are there also.  Her husband is farming - as he was in 1870 also.  Three more children are born during the 1880's - Garrett, Mary and Thomas

Sarah and her husband George are mentioned in the Last Will for her Grandfather, William Cloud.  This is ironic considering William passed away in 1846 - a year before either Sarah or George were born.  Apparently when William Cloud passed away his Will stated that his children could live on his land in Madison County, Alabama for three years.  After three years the property was to be sold and the proceeds were to divided amongst the grandchildren.  The children were able to get that time extended until the 1880's!  It was finally in 1888 when the Will was settled.  I'm not sure if it is known how much each grandchildren actually inherited.

Sarah's husband, George, passes away in 1895 in Madison County.  Sarah is left alone to raise her family.  James Madison Parker was married in 1889 but the remaining children all still living at home.  We find the famliy next in 1900 living in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.  The family is all working in a cotton mill - most likely the Dallas Mill in Eastern Huntsville.  The 1900 Census indicates the Sarah gave birth to 8 children and only 7 are still living.  Louis Jane Parker is the child that has already passed away.

We find the family next in 1910 in Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho.  By this time her daughter, Elizabeth Ellen Parker, is no longer there.  It is presumed that she passed away some time between 1900 and 1910.  The family is farming again, the is time in Idaho.  We know that the family came to Idaho around 1904 - per the obituary of George Archie Parker - it notes this is when he starts working at the Utah Idaho Sugar Company.  We also know that Sarah had recently moved to Paul, Idaho at the time of her death in 1919 - from Denver, Colorado.  Many of her sons 1917/1918 draft cards refer to her residence at that time as Rockyford, Colorado - this location is just Southeast of Denver by 150 miles.

As I stated above Sarah Elizabeth Cloud Parker passes away in Paul, Minidoka County, Idaho 5 July 1919.  Her obituary says that she had recently moved there with her sons.  Her obituary says she dies from heart disease and that she died suddenly after an illness of only 12 hours.  She was 72 years old when she dies.  Below is  copy of the obituary, below that is her death certificate.

The death cerficate for Sarah references her mother as Caroline Mann - not Louisa Marie Mann.  The person who filled out the certificate appears to be George Archie Parker.  Since Louisa passed away when Sarah was so young we know George never knew her, Sarah probably barely remembered her.  It could be a reference to her step mother Mary - as her middle name may be Caroline.  Either way - I don't believe that information to be correct, and George was just going off of what he may have remembered. I do not know where Sarah is buried in Paul, Idaho.

This post completes George Washington Parker and Sarah Elizabeth Cloud and their eight children.  I hope I have portrayed what I do know accurately.  I learned a few new things along this small journey, which is interesting to me.  I never put together the Dallas Mill employment until I set out to put the timeline into words - that is a link I may look more into.  There is the still the Mary Ellen Parker descendants from her and Porter Bowers - I would like to be able to contact some of them.  Thanks for reading - I will begin a new family shortly!

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