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Friday, April 1, 2011

Francesca "Fannie" Vorlicky

Fannie is the sister to my wife's Great Grandfather, Joseph Vorlicky.

Fannie was born 24 Jan 1863 in Bohemia.  Fannie is the daughter of Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara. Fannie and her family emigrated to the United States in 1879 to the Port of New York.  Their destination was Minnesota as many Czechoslovakians at that time.  It is assumed they were meeting family - as there are other Vorlicky's in the area but a direct link to any other Vorlicky's has not been established - yet.

The first record we find for Fannie is with her parents and siblings in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota in 1880.  It is very soon after this record that Fannie meets and marries her husband, Frank Zavoral.  By 1885 the newly married Zavoral's are in Polk County receiving 160 acres of land from the United States government to farm.  The first born child, Mary Zavoral, is born in 1884, presumably in Polk County.  Fannie's brother, Joseph, also moves to the Northwestern part of the state at approximately the same time.  Most likely the families when there together.  Fannie's obituary  states that after marrying Frank Zavoral in Hutchinson in 1880 that she moved to Tabor, Polk County, Minnesota in 1881.

I am not able to find the Zavoral family in the 1885 Minnesota State Census.  I have looked through the Tabor Census and they are not listed.  In the 1895 Minnesota State Census they are found in Northland, Polk County, Minnesota.  Her husband's occupation is listed as carpenter.  They have four children living with them - Mary, Frank, Fanny and Rosy.  All children are presumably born in the Tabor/Northland area.  The picture below would have been taken sometime around 1900.  It has Fannie and Frank's oldest daughter, Mary, in it.  She is the eldest child in the picture.  With her are her cousins Frank, Marie and Rose Vorlicky.  Although I don't have a picture of Fannie - I would assume she would have looked similar to her daughter.

We find the Zavoral's next in 1905 Minnesota State Census.  According to Fannie's obituary the family moves in 1904 to Erie, Minnesota. I am unable to locate the family in the 1900 Federal Census.  The children living with Fannie and Frank in 1905 are Frank, Rosy, and twins Albert and Robert.  By 1910 they have added two more children, Emma and Emil.  The 1910 Federal Census has then living in High Landing, Pennington County, Minnesota.  It say Fannie has given birth to 9 children and 8 of them are still living.  I have only found 8 children living with them during the Census takings.  So the other child appears to have not been alive during the years of 1895, 1905 or 1910.  The name of the missing child is unknown.

The Zavoral's are still living in High Landing, Pennington County, Minnesota in the 1920 and 1930 Census.  Fannie's obituary says they move to Hickory Township in 1932.

Fannie Vorlicky and Frank Zavoral had the following children:

1. Mary Zavoral - born in 1884 in Polk County, MN, dies 26 May 1954 in Seattle, King County, WA.  She married Edward Kelly.
2. Frank Zavoral - born 1888 in Polk County, MN, it is assumed he dies in 1918.  It is unknown if he married.
3. Fanny Anna Zavoral - born 21 Nov 1889 in Polk County, MN, dies 17 Feb 1970 in Pennington County, MN.  She married John Jack Reed.
4. Rose Helen Zavoral - born 23 Jul 1892 in Polk County, MN, dies 3 Jul 1979 in Bellingham, Whatcom County, WA.  She marries Charles Votava.
5. Albert J Zavoral - born 16 Oct 1895 in Northland, Polk County, MN, dies unknown.  Marries Ella Rasmussen.
6. Robert C Zavoral - born 16 Oct 1895 in Northland, Polk County, MN, dies Dec 1980 in Pennington County, MN.  Marries Mary Eidelbes.
7. Emma B Zavoral - born 1898 in Polk County, MN, dies 5 Dec 1926 in Pennington County, MN. Marries John Eidelbes.
8. Emil Henry Zavoral - born 19 Jan 1902 in Polk County, MN, dies 19 Jan 1991 in Pennington County, MN.  Marries Hannah Baird.

Fannie Vorlicky dies 14 January 1940 in Pennington County, Minnesota.  Her obituary is below.

The obituary states that Fannie is buried in the Bohemian Cemetery.  I will need to do some investigating because I can't find a Bohemian Cemetery in Pennington County, MN. 

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  1. Hi, I am working on the Vorlicky name in Chicago Il. The cemetary there is The Bohemian National Cemetary. I have found in a couple cases, that even if someone died out of state, they were brought back to The Bohemian Cemetary for burial. It's a long shot, but might be worth a try?