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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cannah J Walters

Cannah J Walters is the half brother of my wife's 2nd Great Grandfather, Joseph Walters.

Cannah was was born 20 December 1848 in Fulton County, Illinois.  Cannah was most likely born in Joshua Township.  He is son of John Walters and Elizabeth Jones.

Cannah can first be found in the 1850 Federal Census in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  He is living with his parents and three half siblings, Thomas, John and Susan Walters.  Cannah is still living with his parents in the 1860 Federal Census.  They still reside in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  There are two other individuals living with them in the 1860 Census. They are Joseph Walters, a half brother, and Mary Evans.  Mary's relation to the family is unknown.  Her occupation is listed but not legible.  I will paste it below - it appears to be something about school?  I assume she was maybe living with the family and teaching young Cannah?

Cannah marries a Mary Jane Plumer in Fulton County, Illinois on 18 August 1867.  I assume that this is Mary's second marriage because in a later census her mother is listed as living with them and her name was Susan Waltman.  I can then go backwards and find Susan Waltman living in Joshua, Fulton County, Ill with daughter Mary J.  in the 1860 Census.  So I do believe that Mary's maiden name is Waltman and not Plumer.

In the 1870 Federal Census we find Cannah living alone with his new wife, Mary J.  He is farming in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Living next door are his parents, John and Elizabeth Walters.  Living next door on the other side of him is a Cannah Jones - I could make an assumption that Cannah Jones could possibly be his grandfather on his mother's side.  I have not researched that though. But - Cannah is not a popular name - and his mother's maiden name is Jones.

Cannah and Mary are living in Lee Township, Fulton County, Illinois in the 1880 Federal Census.  Living with them are Mary's mother, Susan Waltman, and both of Cannah's parents.  There is also a farm laborer living with them named May Lenard.  It is unknown if May has any relation to this family.

Cannah's father, John Walters, passes away in 1883 in Fulton County, Illinois.  It was noted that Cannah inherited John's entire estate when he died.  It is unclear why John did not leave anything to his other children except for the fact that they had all moved away and Cannah was the only child that remained in Fulton County.

The next record we find of this family is the 1900 Federal Census living in Bushnell, McDonough, Illinois.  They now have a daughter, Ida Walters, living with them.  Mary's mother, Susan, is still living them although now with a different last name - Fritz.  I think this is a transcription error because I can find a marriage record for a Mrs Susan Waltman marrying a Henry Tritsch in McDonough County in 1884. 

The same family unit is still found living together in the 1910 Federal Census in Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois, including the mother of Mary, Susan Waltman Tritsch.  Cannah is still farming.  Cannah and Mary are still found living here in the 1920 Federal Census.

Cannah J Walters and Mary Jane Waltman have the following child:

1. Ida M Walters - born 14 Sep 1889 in Fulton County, Illinois, dies 28 Jun 1982 in McDonough County, Illinois. Marries George Oplander.

Cannah J Walters dies 19 September 1924 in McDonough County, Illinois.  I have not been able to find where he is buried.

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