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Saturday, April 9, 2011

John Walters

John Walters is the 3rd Great Grandfather to my wife, Krista Ann Vorlicky.

John Walters is the youngest son of Thomas Walters and Elizabeth Sivley. I was going to start my Walters line with Thomas - but I wanted to include his Last Will & Testament that is located in the Probate Records in the Madison County Courthouse in Alabama.  I have ordered a copy of this Probate Record so I will backtrack to Thomas when I get it.  There has been much written about the Walters line by several researchers.  Thomas Walters is believed to have served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War!  More on that later.

John Walters was born 5 April 1808 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  John lived at one time with his parents in Madison County, Alabama.  At some point John Walters moves to Fulton County, Illinois.  Most likely it is around 1826 after his father dies in Madison County, Alabama.  We know he is in Fulton County by 1831 as we can find his marriage record to Elizabeth Barker.  There are several Walters brothers already in the area including a Daniel and William Walters - who are believed to be brothers of John.

Fulton County, Illinois was what was known as the 'Military Tract' in the 1820's.  The soldiers who fought in the War of 1812 were given tracts of land in Illinois for their service during the war.  It is believed that John Walter's older brother, William, fought in the war of 1812, and that he came to Fulton County first, living on on the Military Tract there.  William, Daniel, John and other Walters are mentioned in the History of Fulton County, Illinois that was printed in 1879.  The John mentioned is believed to be the subject of this blog.

The next record we find John Walters in is the 1850 Federal Census in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  By this time he is now married to his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Jones.  They were married in 1847.  His first wife, Elizabeth Barker, passed away in 1844. 

Between 1831 and 1844 John Walters and Elizabeth Barker have seven children.  They are:

1. John W "Jack" Walters - born 1833 in Fulton County, IL, died Apr 1900 in Lincoln County, WA.
2. Thomas Walters - born 13 Mar 1835 in Fulton County, IL, died 19 Jan 1916 in Lincoln County, WA.
3. Daniel Walters - born 1836 in Fulton County, IL, died 19 Sep 1863 in Camp Sherman, MS in the Civil War.
4. William Walters - born 1837 in Fulton County, IL, died 1840 in Fulton County, IL.
5. Joseph Walters - born 19 May 1840 in Fulton County, IL, died 6 May 1913 in Nebraska.  Married Angeline Scott.
6. Susan Ann Walters - born 9 May 1842 in Fulton County, IL, died 18 May 1908 in Fulton County, IL. Married John McCarty.
7. James L Walters - born 1844 in Fulton County, IL, died 2 Jun 1847 in Fulton County, IL.

John Walters and Elizabeth Jones had one child. 

1. Cannah Walters - born 20 Dec 1848 in Fulton County, IL, died 19 Sep 1924 in McDonough County, IL.  Married Mary Waltman.

In the 1850 Census John and his second wife, Elizabeth, have 4 children living at home.  They are John, Thomas, Susan and Cannah.  John and his two older sons are listed as farmers for their occupation.  It is unknown where his son Joseph is in 1850 as he only would have been 10 years old.

In the 1860 Federal Census John is still farming in Joshua Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Joseph is now living with him and so is his youngest son, Cannah.  There is also a Mary Evans living with them, age 24. 

John and Elizabeth are living alone in the 1870 Federal Census, still farming in Joshua Township.  Living next door is their son, Cannah and his wife Mary.  By 1870 John has eight grandchildren.  Four granchildren each from his daughter Susan and his son Joseph.

By 1880 John and Elizabeth have moved to Lee, Fulton County, Illinois.  They are living now with Cannah and his wife, Mary, and Mary's mother, Susan Waltman.  John's wife passes away in 1880.  John lives for 3 more years and passes away in 1883 in Fulton County.  John is buried in Rigdon Cemetery in Fulton County, Illinois.

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