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Sunday, October 30, 2011

UPDATE: Louisa Marie Mann and Elizabeth Ann Cloud

I found the obituaries for Louisa Marie Mann and Elizabeth Ann Cloud.  Please click on their names to read their full blogs.

First Louisa:

We can see from this obituary that all four of Louisa's children were still living when she passed away.  It was originally thought that her daughter, Maria, had passed away before her.  I was hoping to confirm the maiden name of Louisa's mother, Lucinda.  It is believed to be McKinney but I don't have paper proof....yet.

Second Elizabeth:

We can see from this obituary that Elizabeth leaves behind three children to mourn her loss.  In my original blog I speculated that she had four children - obviously wrong.  

Both obituaries were posted the same day in The Southern Advocate.  It was a sad month for James Madison Cloud for this was his wife and his sister that passed away so close together.  It is unknown what they died from.

I be updating both blogs with added information.

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