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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nita Nanette Timmons

Nita lost her battle with cancer last night, March 29, 2011.  She was 40 years old.

Nita at 40 years old last Summer 2010

Nita Nanette Timmons is my 1st Cousin.  Nita is the daughter of Alzora Nanette Parker and Gordon Brown.  Nita's last name came from a previous marriage of Alzora's.

Nita with her mom, Alzora, about 1970

Nita was a very special person to me.  Nita was like having another sibling.  She was with our family all the time. We were very close growing up.  She was born in September of 1970 in Boise, Ada County, Idaho.

A family picture.  The two babies are Nita and me.  Nita is on the left, we are sitting on Alzora's knees. Taken about 1971.

Nita was full of life and energy.  She was a joy to be around.  She had a big heart and would do anything for you no matter the inconvenience.  Nita always spoke her mind.  I could go on and on about all of the things I loved about Nita. 

Gotta love that smile!!

Nita with cousin Lisa Lung and Uncle Joe Lung

Nita surrounded by my family

Nita married her high school sweetheart, Shane Jackson, the Summer preceding our Senior year.  I walked her down the aisle.  A couple years later Nita gave birth to her only son, Mathew Jackson.  Mathew was Nita's world from then on.

Nita with her 80's shoulder pads

Nita was diagnosed with breast cancer about 7 years ago.  We all thought she had beat the cancer and then 4 years ago it came back with a vengeance taking over her body.  Nita had her lows and highs but was always positive on the outside.  You could call and talk to Nita and you would never know how sick she was - she sounded like the same old Nita from 20 years ago.  She did not like to be 'boobin' as she put it.  Crying was something she did not like to do - that was a private thing for her.  I always tried to make her laugh and forget about what she was going through when we talked. 

Such a sweet smile

Another pretty picture

There were some happy times in the last few years. Nita was able to come out and see me in Minnesota in 2009.  We were able to get the family together in the Summer of 2010 and celebrated her 40th birthday.  I think that touched Nita.  She was not expecting that birthday cake!  She did not like to be felt sorry for.

Nita and me in Minnesota

Summer 2010 - The Three Amigos - Lisa Lung, Steven Gunter and Nita Timmons

You could count on Nita to say what was on her mind.  She never waivered from honesty.  My daughters downloaded a song a few backs and it reminds a bit of Nita.  I have posted the song below.  Even though the title of song, Big Mouth, seems a bit negative, I don't see it that way.  Nita was passionate and just said what she thought.  Her Big Mouth - was a good thing.

Nita will always hold a special place in my heart.  I will miss her greatly.  She was a very special person.  I am very glad that her suffering is finally over and she can finally rest.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joseph Vorlicky

Joseph Vorlicky is the Great Grandfather of my wife, Krista Ann Vorlicky, and the 2nd Great Grandfather to my children.  Joseph was born 11 February 1861 in Bohemia.  Notes given to me by Doug Roberts, Great Grandson of Joseph, list his hometown as Cuelav Knet Kralve Krodce, Bohemia.  Joseph is the eldest child of Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara.  Joseph emigrated to the United States with his parents and sisters in 1879 to the Port of New York.  See previous blog entry on his parents, Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara for some additional emigration information.

The first record we find for Joseph he is with his parents and sisters in the 1880 Census in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota.  I am unable to find Joseph in the 1885 Minnesota State Census, his parents are still residing in Hutchinson at that time.  Joseph files for the intent to become a citizen in Polk County in 1884. Joseph marries Josephine Dostal in November of 1885 in East Grand Forks, Polk County, Minnesota. One of the witnesses listed on the marriage certificate is Joseph Dostal.  Josephine has a brother named Joseph, her father's name on her death certificate is also Joseph Dostal - so this could have been her brother or her father.

Joseph and Josephine have their first born child, Emmie Rose Vorlicky, in 1887.  She is baptized East Grand Forks, Polk County, Minnesota.  Their second child, Frank Joseph Vorlicky, is born in February of 1890.  Frank is born in Tabor, Polk County, Minnesota according to his military draft record.  Frank is born deaf.  His draft record in 1917 says he is deaf and dumb and in the 1942 draft record it says he is a deaf mute. Our next record for Joseph is a land record from the U.S. General Land Office records.  Joseph acquires 160 acres of land, the record is issued in Crookston, Minnesota.  It describes where the land is located and references township #153.  This all makes sense when we see the land map - town 153 is Northland, Polk County, Minnesota.

Marie Vorlicky is born to Joseph and Josephine in July of 1893.  The next record we find is the 1895 Minnesota State Census.  Joseph is a farmer in Northland, Polk County, Minnesota.  Emmie Rose Vorlicky, their first born, has passed away prior to this year.  Also living with Joseph is his father, Vaclav Vorlicky.  In the census Vaclav is listed as James Vorlicky.  Rose Sophie Vorlicky is born the following year in 1896.  I would assume Rose was named after her sister whom had passed away.

The next record the Vorlicky family is still residing, and farming, in Northland, Polk County, Minnesota.  This record is the 1900 Federal Census.  The next record is the land map for Northland, Polk County, Minnesota.  Joseph now has 240 acres of land that he is farming.

Joseph is on the far left seated with hat.  This is a hunting party picture.  The date of the photograph is unknown. This would have been taken in Minnesota.

Their next child born in Henry Theodore Vorlicky in 1904.  The picture below is taken around 1908 of the family.

The Vorlicky family approx 1908.  Standing from left is Marie, Rose and Frank.  Seated is Josephine and Joseph.  Standing between them in Henry.

By 1910 the family has moved to Thief River Falls, Pennington County, Minnesota.  Living next door is a Dostal family, presumably relatives of Josephine's.  By 1911 the family can be found on the land map for Cloverleaf, Red Lake County, Minnesota.  They have 160 acres of land.  He also found with 160 acres in High Landing, Red Lake County, Minnesota with another 160 acres in 1911.  It is unknown whether he still owned the Northland property as well.  If he did he could have had around 560 acres of land at this time.  He is also found in 1915 on the land map for the town of Esther, Polk County, Minnesota with 40 more acres.  James Vorlicky is born in 1910.

We find the family in Thief River Falls, Pennington County, Minnesota in the 1920 Federal Census.  He is still farming.  The picture below is taken in the 1920's. Joseph is on the far left.  Next to Joseph is Martin Johnson, then Josephine Dostal, Rose Vorlicky, Marie Vorlicky.  Standing in front on the left is Margery Schwartz and Dorothy Schwartz. 

Sometime in the late 20's the family moves to Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  The family can be found there in the 1930 Census.  Living with Joseph and Josephine are sons Frank and James.  Also Marie and her husband Martin Johnson, Rose and her husband Arthur Schwartz with their children Margery and Dorothy.

Joseph, taken sometime in the 1930's in Spokane, WA.

Joseph and Josephine had the following children:

1. Emmie Rose Vorlicky - born 1887 in Polk County, MN, dies 1894 in Tabor, Polk County, MN
2. Frank Joseph Vorlicky - born 11 Feb 1890 in Tabor, Polk County, MN, dies 29 Aug 1956.  Marries Almeda Lagman.
3. Marie Vorlicky - born in July 1893 in Polk County, MN, date of death is unknown.  Marries Martin Johnson.  Marries second to a Mr. Stephanson.
4. Rose Sophie Vorlicky - born 9 Jun 1896 in Polk County, MN, dies 11 Apr 1986 in Spokane, Spokane County, WA.  Marries Arthur Schwartz.
5. Henry Theodore Vorlicky - born 20 Apr 1904 in Tabor, Polk County, MN, dies 20 Mar 1971 in Spokane, Spokane County, WA.  Marries Marjorie Lorena Bashaw.
6. James Vorlicky - born 19 Oct 1910 in Polk County, MN, dies 13 Jun 1989 in Mead, Spokane County, WA.  Marries Helen Brucker.

Joseph Vorlicky

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara

Vaclav Vorlicky and Antonia Kaspara would be the 2nd Great Grandparents to my wife, Krista Ann Vorlicky, and the 3rd Great Grandparents to my children.  Vaclav and Antonia's parents are unknown. Vaclav and Antonia were born in Bohemia according to the ship manifest when the family emigrated to the United States in 1879.  The Vorlicky's would have emigrated through Castle Gardens in the Port of New York.

I had thought the Vaclav and family came in through Baltimore, MD but when I sat down to write this blog I was looking at the whole document online at Ancestry.com and noticed something wrong.  On the last page of the list of passengers it listed a different ship and that the origin was Liverpool, England.  Huh.  Something didn't fit because the document stated the origin was Bremer, Germany. So I backed the document up to page one - the front page had the origin as Bremer, Germany...but..wait....the destination of document, Port of New York!    So I believe this document is incorrectly catalogued on the site.  It should New York - not Baltimore.  See picture below from page one.

So Vaclav, Antonia and family came over to the United States in the year 1879, I believe.  There is also no date on the above document, the date on the record is for the ship that went to Baltimore!  In the next picture, a screenshot of the ships manifest, it shows Vaclav's first name as Wenzl.  I'm not sure if this is a language barrier issue or if he might have gone by Wenzl also.  The remaining members of the family fits - so I believe this record to be correct.

The Vorlicky's traveled to the United States on the ship S.S. Leizpig.  This ship was described as the German Dreamship on the document above.  Coming to the U.S. with Vaclav was his wife Antonia Kaspara and his children Joseph, Francisca and Maria.  Vaclav and Antonia would have been married sometime prior to 1861, most likely in Czechoslovakia area. Vaclav was a farmer and his destination was Minnesota.  Most likely Vaclav was meeting other family members here, or maybe relatives of his wifes's.  There are other Vorlicky's in Minnesota but I have been unable to determine a link to them.  Here is the ship they would have traveled on.

The next document we find Vaclav and Antonia in the 1880 Census.  They are now residing in Hutchinson, McLeod, Minnesota.  The same members that emigrated to the U.S. are still living with Vaclav and Antonia.  Daughter Maria is now listed as Adna.  His occupation is farmer.

We find Vaclav next in the Minnesota State Census for 1885, he is still in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota.  No occupations are listed in this State census.  Their older children Joseph and Francisca, have moved out.  The youngest is now listed as Anna.

Sometime between 1885 and 1895 Antonia passes away. We assume this because the next record we find for Vaclav is the 1895 Minnesota State Census and Antonia is no longer with him.  Vaclav is living with his son Joseph and his family.  They are now in Northlands, Polk County, Minnesota. 

Vaclav passes away in 1899 in Tabor, Polk County, Minnesota.  His headstone is located in the Tabor Presbyterian Cemetery in Tabor.  He has a joint headstone with his granddaughter, Emma Vorlicky.  I have requested a picture from Find A Grave - I will post it when I get it.  Here is the only photograph that I know of for Vaclav.

During their life Vaclav and Antonia have the following children:  ( I was thinking I had a birth record for another child born in Minnesota but I can't find one so I'm not sure about that)

1. Joseph Vorlicky - born about 1861 in Bohemia, died 3 Sep 1936 in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  Marries Josephine Dostal.
2. Francisca (Fanny) Vorlicky - born 24 Jan 1863 in Bohemia, died 14 Jan 1940 in Hickory Township, Pennington County, Minnesota.  Marries Frank Zavoral.
3. Anna Maria Vorlicky - born 1875 in Bohemia. Her death date is unknown but it is believe that she died in the Portland, Oregon area.  She married Frank W. Wetherbee.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sarah Walker Charles

Sarah Walker Charles is my 4th Great Grandmother.

Sarah was born 15 April 1805 in Fryeburg, Oxford County, Maine. Sarah is the daughter of Joseph Charles and Dorothy Abbott.  Sarah appears to have been named after Joseph's mother, Sarah Walker.  Since females were not listed in any Censuses until 1850 - we have to make some assumptions on where we first find Sarah.  So - we can find a Joseph Charles living in Orangeville, Genesee County, New York.  I assume this would be the earliest record for Sarah.  Although - the record for Joseph does not list a female in his household of her age range.  She would have been 15 years old in 1820.  Joseph lists 4 females under the age of 10, 1 female age 26 to 44 and 1 female over the age of 45.  So, Sarah may have been living with another relative at that time or the census may not be accurate.

We next find Sarah, most likely, in the 1830 Census in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  Wethersfield, living with her husband Chauncey Conkey.  So by this we also can assume the Sarah marries Chauncey Conkey prior to 1830.  Also living with them is another male age 15 to 19.  I'm not sure who this male would be.  We find Sarah again, presumably, in the 1840 Census in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  As noted in previous blogs - Wethersfield is now in Wyoming County, New York.  Next door to Chauncey Conkey is Joseph Charles, Sarah's father.  Living in Sarah's household were 2 males age 5 to 9 and 1 male under the age of 5.  We know the younger male to be Eli Theodore Conkey and one of the older males to be Giles B Conkey.  The other male is not known.  This is most likely another child of Sarah and Chauncey.  There is also 1 female age 20 to 29 - it is unknown whom this is either.  Of course there is also a male and female ages 30 to 39 listed also - Sarah and Chauncey.

We know that this Conkey family leave Wethersfield in the year 1840 and travel westward ending up in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  This information can be found in the History of Ionia County.  The unknown male listed in 1840 may have passed away on the journey from New York to Michigan.  Sarah has another son, Ira Porter Conkey, in 1844 in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  The family is found in the 1850 Census living in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  Also living in North Plains is Sarah's brother, Nehemiah Charles.  Nehemiah's family came to North Plains in 1844.

By 1860 the family has moved to Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan.  Sarah's husband, Chauncey, is active in the church.  In the 1860 Census in Ronald we find the family, son Giles has moved out, but Sarah's sister, Miranda Charles, is living with them now. 

Sarah and Chauncey become grandparents in 1861 with the birth of Giles eldest daughter, Alice Conkey. Their second grand child, Emily (Emma), is born the following year.

Sarah and Chauncey are still found living in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan in 1870 and 1880.  Miranda remains with them.

I have recapped the children of Sarah and Chauncey on the blog for Chauncey.

Sarah Walker Charles dies 22 January 1890 in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan. I have attached her obituary and a picture of her headstone.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ira Porter Conkey

Ira Porter Conkey is the brother of my 3rd Great Grandfather, Eli Theodore Conkey.

Ira is the son of Chauncey Conkey and Sarah Walker Charles.  Ira was born 23 Sep 1844 in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  He was the youngest born child to Chauncey and Sarah.  He can found as a young boy in the 1850 Census in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.

There is not much of interest to say about Ira.  He eventually bought the family property originally settled by Chauncey in Ronald, MI.  Ira marries a woman named Sarah in 1888 but I haven't been able to determine what her maiden name was.  Ira remains a farmer his whole life living on the same property until his death.  It is not know if Ira and Sarah had any children - no children are found in any of the Censuses for Ira.  His wife Sarah was the mother of 6 children - as noted in the 1910 Census. They all are presumably born before her marriage to Ira. Sarah's age at her first marriage was 38 years old - that would have been 10 years prior to marrying Ira. Ira is found living in the same place in 1860 through 1910.

At some point the road surrounding Woodard Lake is named Conkey Drive.  I have not found when the road was named this.  The property had been owned by Chauncey, Eli, Ira and then George Conkey.  George is Eli's son.  The property was in the Conkey family from about 1852 to 1948 when George passed away.  Below is a picture of where Conkey Drive is located.

Ira passes away 4 June 1915 in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan.  Ira is buried in the Woodard Lake Cemetery in Ionia County, Michigan. Below is his headstone and hid death certificate.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eli Theodore Conkey

Eli Theodore Conkey is my 3rd Great Grandfather.

Eli was born 28 July 1836 in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  This city is now in Wyoming County, New York.  Eli is the son of Chauncye Conkey and Sarah Walker Charles. We find Eli first in the 1840 Census as one of the males identified in the census for Chauncey Conkey.  The family moved from New York to Michigan in the year 1840.

We find Eli next in the 1850 Census in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  Next we find him in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan.  His occupation in 1860 is a farmer.  On 3 December 1868 Eli marries Amanda Phillips in Ionia County, Michigan.  Amanda was the daughter of Andrew Phillips and Sabina Mathmer.  Below is the marriage record.

The newly married couple can be found living with Eli's parents in the 1870 Census in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan.  Amanda would have been pregnant at the time of the Census with twin children, Albert and Lucy.  Albert and Lucy are born 6 July 1870 in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan.  Their third child, George, is born in 1872.  At some point Eli purchases the land south of Woodard Lake next to his parents land as shown on the Ronald map below.  Look south of the big lake on Western edge - that property belongs to Eli.  Next door is his father's property. This is from the 1875 plot map for Ionia County.

We find the family still living here in the 1880 Census.  Next door is still his father and mother.  Eli is still farming his land.  By the 1900 Census, where we still find Eli and his family farming, both his parents have passed away.  The land next door is now being farmed by his brother, Ira.

Eli Conkey and Amanda Phillips have the following children:

1. Albert Seth Conkey - born 6 Jul 1870 in Ronald, Ionia County, MI, dies 6 Nov 1940 in Ellsworth, Grafton County, NH.  Marries Olive Heth.
2. Lucy Conkey - born 6 Jul 1870 in Ronald, Ionia County, MI, dies 7 Jan 1905 in Ronald, Ionia County, MI.  Lucy never marries.
3. George Conkey - born 9 Aug 1872 in Ronald, Ionia County, MI, dies Jan 1948 in Ronald, Ionia County, MI.  Marries Myrtle Smith.

Eli passes away 22 August 1908 in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan.  I have attached some copies of death notices and the death record.  Eli is buried in the Woodard Lake Cemetery.  I will post a picture when I can find one.  Update, I have posted the picture of Eli's headstone below.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giles B Conkey

Giles B Conkey is the brother of my 3rd Great Grandfather, Eli Theodore Conkey.

Giles was born 25 January 1835 in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  Wethersfield in now in Wyoming County.  He was born to Chauncey Conkey and Sarah Walker Charles. 

Giles is one of the male children listed in the 1840 Census in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York in 1840.  The family relocated from New York to Michigan in the year 1840 - as found in the History of Ionia County, Michigan book.

We next find Giles in the 1850 Census in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan.  He is living with his parents and two brothers, Eli and Ira.  Sometime between 1850 and 1859 Giles moves to Kent County, Michigan.  We know this because Giles marries his first wift, Eliza Morton on 6 April 1859 there.  Witnesses were Byron Morton and Theodore Rathbun.  Byron could be Eliza's father or at least a relative. This information was found on Ancestry.com but there was not a copy available.

Giles and Eliza can be found living in Ionia, Ionia County, Michigan in the 1860 Census.  His occupation is livery stable.  His two daughters are born soon after this, they are Emma and Alice. Alice is born in 1861 and Emma is born in 1862.  Giles can then be found in the US IRS Tax Assessment List for the year 1862, his occupation is now listed as Retailer of Liquor.  He was taxed $20.

Giles in mentioned in the Michigan reports: cases decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan; volume 10.  The name of case he is mentioned in is In The Matter Of John Morton in the year 1862.  I do wonder if John Morton is the father of his wife Eliza.  I have inserted the case below.  To sum it up it appears John Morton refused to testify against Giles for selling liguor illegally.  One would assume it was either a close friend, relative, Giles was being falsely accused.  The allegation comes from the Justice of the Peace for Ionia, Michigan.

We find Giles in 1866 again in the US IRS Tax Assessment list but this time in the town of Orleans, Michigan.  He pays taxes on two items this time; retail liquors for $25 and hotel for $10.  I can't quite read what the word after hotel is...I've pasted it below.

In 1870 we find Giles with Eliza and both daughters in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.  His occupation at this time is saloon keeper.  His bar tender appears to be living with him, Frank Poppenan.  We find Giles referenced in another book that puts him in this area in the early 1870's also. The book is History of the City of Grand Rapids.  I have placed the article in which he is in below.

In 1875 and 1877 we can find Giles in the City Directory for Grand Rapids.  He has a saloon on 78 Waterloo.

By 1880 we find Giles and Eliza and daughter Emma still in Grand Rapids.  His occupation at this time is R.W. Postal Clerk.  I'm not sure what R.W. stands for.  His daughter, Alice, married sometime before 1878 as she has a daughter, Blanche Trowbridge, in 1878, with her husband, Jacob Trowbridge.  So by 1880, Giles is a grandparent.  Alice passes away in 1886 when her daughter was only 8 years old.. Emma does marry but passes away in 1894. It is not known if this daughter has any children. Her husband's name was John Dunn.

Sometime between 1880 and 1898 Giles and Eliza either divorce or Eliza passes away.  We know this because the next record we find for Giles is another marriage record.  He marries Amelia Clarissa Houghton 4 May 1898 in Grand Rapids.  This is Amelia's 2nd marriage also.  His occupation at this time listed as commercial traveler.  The record is below.

Giles and Eliza have the following children:

1. Alice Conkey - born 1861 in Ionia County, MI, dies 21 Jun 1886.  Marries Jacob Trowbridge.  Marries Holden Spink.
2. Emma Conkey - born 1862 in Ionia County, MI, dies 5 Nov 1894. Marries John Dunn.

I can't find Giles in the 1900 Census.  Giles passes away 13 January 1908 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.  His death notice from the newspaper is below.  His Death Certificate is below that.  Giles is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I have requested a photo of the headstone.  I will add to this post when I get it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chauncey Conkey

The Conkey line is from my Grandmother, Virginia Dorthea Conkey.  The farthest back I can take this line is 1808 in New York.

Chauncey Conkey is the oldest of the Conkey line.  Chauncey is my 4th Great Grandfather. He was born 1 July 1808 in New York.  The earliest we can find Chauncey is in the 1830 Census in Wethersfield, Genesee County, New York.  In these old censuses it did not list the family members - but only counted them.  This census says that there was one male and one female ages 20 to 29.  There was also one male age 15 to 20.  It is unknown whom this male is - the female is most likely his wife, Sarah Walker Charles.  It is not known what year Sarah and Chauncey are married, based on this record it would be before 1830.

In 1840 we still find Chauncey living in Wethersfield.  At this there are 3 other males living in the household, 1 between the age of 5 and 9, and two males under the age of 5.  The two youngest males are Giles and Eli.  The male between 5 and 9 is unknown.  This is most likely the first born child of Sarah and Chauncey.  This male is not seen in any further censuses.  Living next door to Chauncey is Joseph Charles and his family.  Joseph is the father of Sarah.  It is this year, 1840, that the Conkey family leaves New York and heads West.  They travel with Sarah's brother, Nehemiah Charles, and his family.  We know it to be the year of 1840 because of the book History of Ionia County, Michigan which lays out this timeline. 

Chauncey arrives in the North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan area in 1840 and purchases land from his brother Amos Conkey.  This information comes from the book mentioned above. So we know that Chauncey had at least one brother.  In researching Amos Conkey - there are records from Greene County, Wisconsin that list an Amos Conkey that moved there from Michigan - it could be Chauncey's brother.  If the Amos Conkey that ended up in Greene County, Wisconsin is Chauncey's brother - that would mean the father of Chauncey is also an Amos Conkey and the mother is a Clara - that is the parental information from the marriage record in Wisconsin for Amos Conkey.  There was also a Philena Conkey living in Ionia County during this time frame as well.  Philena married a Silas Arnold.  On Philena's death record it listed her father as Stephen Conkey and her mother as a Miss Parker.  So Chauncey's father is either a Stephen or an Amos.  Chauncey and Sarah's third known son, Ira, is born in Ionia County, Michigan in 1844.  Also in the book mentioned above it states that Chauncey is voted in as a Justice of the Peace for the town of North Plains in 1844.

In 1850 the family is in North Plains, Ionia County, Michigan. Chauncey's occupation is a farming.  Chauncey and his family move in 1852 from North Plains to Ronald Township, Ionia County, Michigan.  Chauncey purchases land South of Woodard Lake.  This property will stay in the family for the next 100 years.  In 1859 Chauncey becomes a deacon of the Church of Christ in Ronald Township.

The family is in Ronald Township in the 1860 Census.  Giles is no longer here but living with them is Sarah's sister, Miranda Charles.  They are farming.  Chauncey and Sarah are still in Ronald in the 1870 and 1880 Census, Miranda Charles and son, Ira continue to live with them.  In the 1870 Census son Eli is living with them with his wife, Amanda Phillips.

Chauncey and Sarah have the following children:  (it is assumed they had one other male child that was born in New York before Giles, most likely this child dies while they were traveling to Michigan or shortly after they arrived)

1. Giles Conkey - born 25 Jan 1835 in Wethersfield, Wyoming, New York, dies 13 Jan 1908 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan.  Marries Eliza Morton.  Marries Amelia Clarissa Houghton.
2. Eli Theodore Conkey - born 28 Jul 1836 in Wethersfield, Wyoming, New York, dies 22 Aug 1908 in Ronald, Ionia, Michigan.  Marries Amanda Phillips.
3. Ira Porter Conkey - born 23 Sep 1844 in Ronald, Ionia, Michigan, dies 4 Jun 1915 in Ronald, Ionia, Michigan.  Marries a Sarah.

Chauncey's wife, Sarah, passes away in 1890 at the age of 85 years.  Chauncey passes away 3 years later in 1893, he is also 85 years old when he dies.  Both are buried in the Woodard Lake Cemetery.  You can see more information on Chauncey and Sarah on Find A Grave.  Below is his obituary as it was reprinted 100 years after his death.

This is a picture of his headstone in the Woodard Lake Cemetery.