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Friday, January 20, 2012

Albert Charles Balderston

Albert Charles Balderston is the 2nd Great Grand Uncle of my wife, the brother of her 2nd Great Grandfather, Joseph Newton Balderston.  Albert is the youngest son of Stephen B Balderston and his second wife, Mary Brenn.

Albert was born in Avon Township, Fulton County, Illinois on 9 January 1877.  Not long after Albert's birth the family moved to Greenbush Township, Warren County, Illinois.  It is here where we find the family in the 1880 Federal Census.  Albert's father is listed as a carpenter.

Albert's father passes away in 1885 and then his mother in 1900.  Albert is found in the 1900 Federal Census still living in Greenbush Township, Warren County, Illinois - where he was found in the 1880 census.  He is working as a hired man on a farm.  He is living with Edmund Simmons and family.  Not too far from the Simmons farm is another household that holds the future wife of Albert, Alma Loretta Holeman.  Alma and Albert were married sometime before the birth of their first child, Thelma Balderston, in November of 1905.

By the 1910 Federal Census the new family has moved to West Blue, Adams County, Nebraska.  From this record we can determine that Albert is in his first marriage.  Alma and Albert are the parents of 4 children, and all are still living at the time of the census.  Albert is renting his home and is working as a farmer.  Albert is living in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska during the 1918 WWI draft.  From this record we can see that Albert is working for himself as a farmer.  This record  indicates that Albert is tall and slender, has blue eyes and black hair, and has no physical disqualifications for the draft.  It's interesting to note that this record states his last name with no 't' in Balderston, but the signature does have the 't' in it.  A copy of this record is below.

The family is still in West Blue, Adams County, Nebraska during the 1920 Federal Census.  There is nothing additional to learn from this record other than some additional children.  Albert is still renting his farm.

By 1930 Albert is now the owner of a farm.  This record finds the family in Rockton, Furnas County, Nebraska.  This census states that his farm has livestock as well as grain.

Albert Charles Balderston dies in McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska on 6 January 1955, just a few days before his 78th birthday.

Albert Balderston and Alma Holeman had the following children:

1. Thelma Maree Balderston - born 3  November 1905 in Nebraska.  Died 11 January 1960 in Boise, Ada County, Idaho.  Married Gerald Neil Ankenman.
2. Fleeta Alberta Balderston - born 21 July 1907 in Nebraska.  Died 17 August 1994 in Gooding, Gooding County, Idaho.  Married Carl Raymond Michals.
3. Jasper Raymond Balderston - born 8 January 1909 in Nebraska.  Died 8 May 1993 in Beaver City, Furnas County, Nebraska.  Married Evelyn Torney.
4. Veda Olga Balderston - born 30 January 1910 in Nebraska.  Died 21 June 1875 in Albany, Linn County, Oregon.  Married Ivan Will Torney.
5. Bernice Viola Balderston - born 24 January 1912 in Nebraska.  Died 26 February 1989 in Arapahoe, Furnas County, Nebraska. Married Warren Ayres.
6. Lester Melvin Balderston - born 21 May 1914 in Nebraska.  Died 19 June 1914.
7. Neva Muriel Balderston - born 2 June 1915 in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska.  Died 12 December 2001 in Aurora, Adams County, Colorado.  Married Paul DeBacca.
8. Elvin Eugene Balderston - born 13 December 1921 in Nebraska.  Died 21 June 2000 in Wilsonville, Furnas County, Nebraska.  Married Ivalee Grace Minshall.

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