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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jenia Elen, John, Charles Albert, Frank and Rose Bell Balderston

These five children of Stephen B Balderston and Mary Brenn don't have much history to tell, so I will lump them all into one post.

Both John and Jenia Elen are found in the 1870 U.S. Federal Mortality Schedule for Magnolia, Putnam County, Illinois.  Both young children died of croup.  Jenia would have been around 7 years old and John around 3 years old.  No other records are known to exist for these two children.

Charles Albert Balderston, born 24 August 1872 in Magnolia, Putnam County, Illinois can only be found in one known census record.  That record is the 1880 Federal Census taken in Greenbush Township, Warren County, Illinois.  He is about 8 years old.  In the notes of Adah Balderston, niece of Charles, it states that he was a baseball player and that he disappeared, no one knows what happened to Charles.

Frank, also found in the 1880 census record listed above, was born 23 September 1874 in Avon Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Frank can also be found in the 1900 Federal Census taken in Union Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  Frank is a servant in the household of William Burnett, his profession is listed as farm laborer.  Frank can be found in the 1917/1918 WWI draft records living in Warren County, Illinois. He notes his sister Anna Jennings as nearest living relative.  It's interesting to note that Frank spelled his last name as Balderson - without the T? Maybe he didn't write it down, possibly someone else filled out the card for him? He is noted as having blue eyes, brown hair and having a medium height and build. Frank is still found living in Union Township in the 1930 Federal Census, this census notes that Frank is single, owns his home (value $400) and is still a farm laborer.  The death record for Frank dated 20 August 1936 verifies his birth date and parentage. It notes that he was a farm laborer and died single, never marrying.  No other records are known to exist for Frank.  I have not been able to find Frank in the 1910 and 1920 Federal Census.

Rose Bell was also found in the 1880 census record listed above.  She was born 9 January 1880 in Avon Township, Fulton County, Illinois.  She is believed to have died around 1948. Update: Rose Bell Balderston married William Naughton.  She was listed on the headstone of her parents as Rose B Naughton.  Rose and husband William are found in one census, the 1930 Federal Census living in Omaha, Nebraska.  No other records are found for Rose.

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