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Monday, January 16, 2012

William Walker Mann

William Walker Mann is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle, the brother of my 3rd Great Grandmother, Louisa Marie Mann.

William was born 1 May 1847 most likely in Madison County, Alabama.  He is the youngest son of William Mann and Lucinda McKinney.  The first record for William would be the 1850 Federal Census.  The family is found living in District 35 in Madison County, Alabama.  He father, William, is farming.  The value of real estate is $200 leading to the assumption that his father was a land owner.

The 1860 Federal Census finds the family in the South Eastern Division, Madison County, Alabama.  The father is still farming and the value of real estate is now $300.

The Civil War started in 1861.  The death information for William Walker Mann found on the findagrave website states that he served in 37th Infantry for Northern Alabama.  I haven't been able to find any proof of this.  I have sent a message to the person who created the entry on the findagrave site.

The next record found is from the Madison County, Alabama, holdings records found on their website.  They can be found here.  In the Marriage Records Indices there is a record for a William W Mann marrying a Julia E Steward on 13 October 1871 in Madison County.

The next census record is the 1880 (notice I am missing the 1870 Federal Census record - unable to locate at this time) Federal Census record.  This record shows William with his wife and 3 children.  He is farming but it notes that he was unemployed for 8 months during the year preceding the census.  This census also notes that his eldest child, age 4, was born in Mississippi.  So - sometime around the year 1876 the family was living in Mississippi, but had moved back to Alabama by the birth of his next child around the year 1878.

The next record finds the family has moved. This is the 1900 Federal Census record. They are now living in Gibson County, Tennessee.  There are five children now living at home.  This census notes that Julia is the mother of seven children, 5 of whom are still living.  So all children are accounted for in the 1900 census.  It is unknown what the names of the children who have perished before 1900 were.  William is still farming.

Gibson County, Tennessee is still where the family resides in the 1910 Federal Census.  This record corroborates that William is a Civil War Confederate Army veteran.  He is still farming, but is noted as owning his farm free and clear.  He has no mortgage on his home.  This census also notes that Julia is the mother of 7 children with 4 whom are still living.  So one of the children listed in the 1900 census has died before 1910.

Listed below is the death certificate for William Walker Mann.  This record actually helps clarify an earlier assumption.  This is the only paper proof that I can find that lists his mother's maiden name of McKinney.  I have always assumed that Lucinda was indeed Lucinda McKinney but this is the only paper proof that I am aware of.  The cause of death is listed as paralysis of the left side.

William Walker Mann and Julia Elizabeth Stewart had the following children:

1. Thomas M Mann - born October 1876 in Mississippi.  Death unknown.  Marriage Unknown.
2. Eliza G Mann - born May 1878 in Alabama.  Death unknown.  Marriage Unknown.
3. John C Mann - born April 1880 in Madison County, Alabama.  Death unknown.  Married Kathy, last name unknown.
4. Audley Walker Mann - born 7 August 1882 in Alabama.  Died 10 October 1955 in Shelby, Tennessee.  Married Virginia Lockhart.
5. Mary Tilda Mann - born 5 June 1885 in Alabama.  Died 16 January 1943 in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.  Married Needham Whitley.

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