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Friday, July 15, 2011

Clarence Flavian Bashaw

Clarence Flavian Bashaw is the 2nd Great Grandfather to my wife.

Flavian, as he is listed in most censuses, was born in 10 May 1837 in Windsor, Windsor County, Vermont.  His parents were John Bashaw and Susan (unknown).  His parents were both born in Canada.

Some time between Flavian's birth and the 1850 Federal Census the family moves from Vermont to Indiana.  They are found there in 1850 living in Clay Township, St Joseph County.  His father and older brother, Peter, are farmers.

As in previous post's for John and Peter Bashaw, I want to mention that it is thought that the surname is believed to have been changed from Bergeron to Bashaw when coming from French Canada to the United States.  Part of the corroborating evidence for this are church records found in St Joseph county at the Sacred Heart church with lists Peter's surname as Bergeron when he is married.  The records are all recorded in French.

The next record found is the 1860 Federal Census.  Flavian is still found living with his parents.  His father is still farming and they are still residing in Clay Township.  Flavian is married the following year to Julia Salway. They are married 30 December 1861 in South Bend City, St Joseph County, Indiana.  Julia is the daughter of Francis (Frank) Salway and Rosanna LaCoss.

We find Flavian and his wife living with her parents, Frank and Rose, in the 1870 Federal Census.  They are now living in Portage Township, South Bend City, St Joseph County, Indiana.  By this time they now have four children.  The names of the children are William, Emma, Edwin and Olive.  Also living in this household is Julia's sister, Miranda, and her husband, Elzar Philion.  There is also another man named Joseph Garse, occupation is teamster - it is unknown what his relation, if any, is to the family.  Flavian's occupation in 1870 is a carpenter.

The family moves from Indiana to Kansas by the 1880 Federal Census.  In fact we can pinpoint that the family moved sometime between February of 1880 and June of 1880.  We know this because their youngest child in the 1880 Census is still listed as being born in Indiana in February of 1880 and the census was taken in June of 1880 in Kansas.  They are living in Rossville Township, Shawnee County, Kansas.  Flavian's occupation is still a carpenter.  The oldest child from the 1870 Census, William, is not found with the family.  It is not known what happened to William Bashaw - he would have been about 17 years old at this time.  There are six children living at home; Emma, Eddie, Olive, Lilless, Arthur and Evy.  There is also a laborer living with them, John Edmonds.

Regarding William Bashaw, it should be noted that there is a William T Bashaw found in the 1880 Census in Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas.  His birth state is listed as Colorado though.  This William Bashaw goes on to marry an Etta Stout and have three children. His birth state is always listed as Colorado.  It is not known if this is the child of Flavian and Julia.

The family is then found in the Kansas State Census of 1885.  They are now living in Gale, Marion County, Kansas.  Flavian's occupation is now listed as a farmer.  They still have six children living with them.  Emma is now gone, she is believed to have died in 1880 at the age of 15.  Also gone is Evy, also passing away around 1880 - should was the child born in February of 1880.  The additions are Julia and Gertie.  Julia is noted as born in Arkansas - so the family must have moved around a bit prior to 1885.

Sometime after 1885 the family moves again, this time to Kettle Falls, Stevens County, Washington.  They are found in the 1892 Washington State Census there.  Flavian is now working as a mechanic.  Edwin/Eddie is now listed as Henry E Bashaw, he is listed as farming.  The other siblings still living at home are Lilless, Arthur, Julia May (listed in this census as Marias?), and Gertrude.  Also living with them is married daughter Olive and her husband George Bevan.

The 1900 Federal Census finds the family living in Meyers Falls, Stevens County, Washington.  Flavian's occupation is back to being a carpenter.  The two eldest sons living at home, Edward and Arthur, are listed as farmers.  Julia is noted as giving birth to 11 children of which 6 are still living.  4 of those children are still living at home - as stated previously, Edward and Arthur, and Julia May and Gertrude.  The other two living children at this time are Olive (married to George Bevan) and Lillyess (married to John Barry).  The four known children to have died are William (even if the William found in 1880 is their son he dies in 1899), Emma, Joseph and Evy.  Joseph was never found in a census, he was born in 1873 but must have died before 1880.  That leaves one child unaccounted for.

Flavian and Julia can be found in the 1910 Federal Census living in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  Flavian's occupation is listed as a carpenter.  He 72 years old at this time and still working.  Two daughters remain at home, Julia May and Gertrude.

In the 1920 Federal Census Flavian and Julia are found living with their son, Henry E Bashaw and his family in  Soap Lake, Grant County, Washington.  Henry's wife, Theresa, and three children, Clarence, Marie and Cecilia, are also living there.

Clarence Flavian Bashaw and Julia Salway had the following children:

1. William Bashaw - born about 1863 in St Joseph County, Indiana.  Death Unknown (possible 1899 in Kansas).  Marriage unknown (possible Etta Stout).
Bashaw - born 21 Feb 1865 in St Joseph County, Indiana. Died about 1880 in Shawnee County, Kansas.
3. Henry Edward Bashaw - born 1 Jul 1868 in St Joseph County, Indiana. Died 30 Nov 1956 in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington. Married Mary Theresa Carson.
4. Olive Bashaw - born 22 Jan 1870 in St Joseph County, Indiana.  Death Unknown.  Married George H Bevan.
5. Joseph A Bashaw - born 7 Sep 1873 in St Joseph County, Indiana. Death Unknown (before 1880).
6. Lillyess Alice Bashaw - born 28 Jan 1876 in St Joseph County, Indiana. Died 15 Sep 1969 in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  Married John Barry.
7. Arthur Clarence Bashaw - born 9 Dec 1877 in Indiana (some records show Kansas).  Died May 1979 Chewelah, Stevens County, Washington.  Married Florence Brown.
8.  Eva Rose Bashaw - born 14 Feb 1880 in Indiana.  Died 1881 in Kansas.
9. Julia May Bashaw - born 4 Jul 1881 in Arkansas.  Died 1 Jan 1961 in Grant County, Washington.  Married Charles Lyle Slaten.
10. Gertrude Marie Bashaw - born 5 July 1884 in Kansas.  Died 1 Jan 1961 in King County, Washington. Married (1st) John Wiley.  Married (2nd) Vincent Schrom.

Clarence Flavian Bashaw dies 8 December 1922 in Grant County, Washington.  He is buried in the Saint Rose of Lima Cemetery in Ephrata, Grant County, Washington.  The headstone pictures are below:

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