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Saturday, July 23, 2011

William Mann

William Mann is my 4th Great Grandfather.

The first record found for William Mann is the 1840 Federal Census taken in Madison County, Alabama.  In this record we find one male age 10 to 14 (Thomas Mann), three females age 5 to 9 (Sarah, Ann and Matilda), one female age 10 to 14 (Louisa Marie Mann), one female age 30 to 39 (wife, Lucinda McKinney) and one male age 50 to 59 (William).  It is noted that two people are employed in agriculture -presumably William and Thomas.  The family does not have any slaves living with them.

The next record is the 1850 Federal Census taken again in Madison County, Alabama.  From this record we learn that William was born in Georgia.  His wife, Lucinda, was born in Tennessee.  William and Lucinda's first 4 children listed here were all born in Tennessee (Thomas, Sarah, Matilda and Ann).  The youngest four were all born in Alabama.  So from that we can tell that it was sometime between 1837 and 1840 that the family moved from Tennessee to Alabama.  William and his eldest son, Thomas, are both farming.  William owns real estate valued at $200 - so we can also assume he was a land owner.  There is 10 year old boy named John Mann living with him in 1850 - it is assumed that this is a nephew because this young boy is listed separately from the rest of the family (or at least out of order). His eldest daugther, Louisa Marie Mann, is living next door married to James Cloud.

We still find William and Lucinda living in Madison County in the 1860 Federal Census.  Most children have moved on.  Still living at home are Mary Mann and William Mann.  There is also a Linda Camard (unsure of the spelling).  This could possibly be his daughter as the age fits for the daughter named Lucly in the previous census.  I assume this daughter's name if some sort of variation of Lucinda - the writing is hard to read.  This person also had a daughter, Netta age 4, living with them.  William's real estate is valued at $350 and his personal estate is valued at $300.  He is still farming.

William dies sometime before 1870 (his wife Lucinda is listed as a widow in 1870).

William Mann and Lucinda McKinney had the following children:

1. Louisa Marie Mann - born 18 May 1829 in Tennessee.  Died  6 Aug 1853. Married James Madison Cloud.
2. Thomas Mann - born about 1831 in Tennessee.  Death unknown. Married Matilda Ann Gibson.
3. Sarah J Mann - born about 1833 in Tennessee.  Death unknown. Marriage unknown.
4. Ann M Mann - born about 1836 in Tennessee.  Death unknown. Married William Gibson.
5. Matilda Mann - born about 1837 in Tennessee.  Death unknown.  Married James Gibson.
6. Lucinda (Lucy, Lucly?) Mann - born about 1840 in Alabama. Death unknown. Marriage unknown.
7. Mary E Mann - born July 1845 in Alabama.  Died between 1900 and 1910. Married Isaac Rice.
8. William Mann - born 1 May 1847 in Alabama.  Died 15 March 1919 in Gibson County, Tennessee.  Married Julia E Stewart.
9. Edy C Mann - born about 1849 in Alabama.  Death unknown.

It is not known where William Mann is buried but it assumed that he is buried somewhere in New Hope, Madison County, Alabama.

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