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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peter Bashaw

Peter Bashaw is the brother of my wife's 2nd Great Grandfather, Clarence Flavian Bashaw.  Peter was born about 1827 in Canada.  Peter's parents were John Bashaw and Susan (unknown).

The first record we find for Peter is the 1850 Federal Census in Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana.  He is listed as a farmer.  Also in the census it is noted that Peter cannot read or write even though he is 22 years old.  It should be noted that the family living next door contains his future wife, Rosanna La Fountain living with her parents, Anson and Mary La Fountain.

By 1860 Peter is now married to Rosanna.  They are still living in Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana.  Peter is still farming and still illiterate.  Rosanna is also noted as illiterate.  They have three small children.  The children's names are Charles, John and Peter.

The next record is the 1870 Federal Census.  The family is now living South Bend, Portage Township, St Joseph County, Indiana.  Peter's occupation is now listed as laborer - so he is no longer farming.  His eldest son, Charles, is also listed as a laborer.  Peter and Rosanna now have 5 children living with them.  The children are Charles, Peter, Mary, Joseph and Mary Louise.  John is no longer here - it is assumed that John passed away prior to 1870.  A few doors down is Peter's brother, Flavian, and his family.  Peter and Flavian's parents cannot be found in the 1870 Census so it is assumed that they passed away prior to 1870 - either in Clay Township or Portage Township.

The family has moved to another state by the 1880 Federal Census.  They are now found in West Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas.  Peter is farming again and still illiterate.  Peter and Rosanna still have five children living at home.  The children are Peter, Joseph, Louise, Louis and Emedore.  Peter is also found in another record in 1880.  He is found in the Agriculture schedule for West Rossville, Kansas.  In this schedule he is noted as a renter of property and owning two horses.

It is believed that Peter passes away in 1904.  There are researchers on Ancestry that link the above family and Peter as having the surname Barshaw instead of Bashaw.  I believe that it is possible the name became Barshaw, especially considering Peter could neither read nor write.  So even if Peter's family eventually started using Barshaw I still believe this Peter to be the brother of Flavian.  Just considering both Peter and Flavian are found in the same locations, Clay Township to Portage Township, then on to Rossville, Kansas - always very close in proximity to each other.  The death record in 1904 for Peter does say Barshaw.

It is believed the Peter and Rosanna had the following children:

1. Charles Bashaw - born in July 1854 in Indiana.  Death is unknown.  Believed to have married Alice Neddo.
2. John Bashaw - born about 1857 in Indiana.  Believed to have died before 1870 in Indiana.
3. Peter Bashaw - born about 1860 in Indiana.  Death unknown.
4. Mary Bashaw - born about 1862 in Indiana. Death unknown.
5. Joseph Bashaw - born April 1866 in Indiana. Death unknown.  Believe to have married Fannie Pettinger.
6. Mary Louise Bashaw - born about 1869 in Indiana. Death unknown.
7. Louis Bashaw - born in May 1876 in Indiana. Death unknown.
8. Emedore Bashaw - born in April 1878 in Indiana. Death unknown.

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