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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marilla Bashaw

Marilla Bashaw is the sister of Clarence Flavian Bashaw, the 2nd Great Grandfather of my wife.

I've searched and searched for additional information on Marilla and I can't find anything.  There is only one record that I can find for Marilla.  That record is the 1850 Federal Census taken in Clay Township, St Joseph County, Indiana.  From this record we know that Marilla was born around the year 1833 in Canada.  The 1850 Census also noted if citizens could not read or write.  Marilla, at 17 years old, is not notated as being illiterate, so we can assume that she could.

Here is the record with Marilla in it.

Another researcher of Marilla's brother, Peter, has offered a suggestion to view the records of the Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, St Joseph County, Indiana.  That researcher had found the marriage record for Peter and his wife Rosanna LaFountain, along with birth records of Peter's children.  So I will venture down that path to see if I can find any additional records for Marilla.

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